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Yes. A blizzard must produce winds in excess of 35 mph.

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Q: Do blizzards have high wind factor?
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Do blizzards occur in Colorado?

Yes, Colorado is a good candidate for blizzards due to the open plains allowing the wind to blow strongly. It isn't always cold enough to snow on the High Plains in the winter, but it often is and wind often accompanies it.

Are there many blizzards in antarctica?

The wind in Antarctica blows all the time, and blizzards are quite common.

Where are blizzards most likely to occur?

Blizzards can happen anywhere, it all depends on wind, perception, and temperature

What kind of weather is associated with blizzards?

Blizzards are characterized by heavy snowfall and high winds. To be categorized as a blizzard, wind speed must be in excess of 35 mph. Whiteout conditions (extremely limited visibility as a result of blowing snow) are also commonly associated with blizzards.

What happens in a blizzards?

It blows lots of snow and wind.

Does blizzards occurs suddenly in polar regions?

Blizzards do not usually suddenly occur even in polar regions. These blizzards are driven by forces like the wind for example.

Do Blizzards have hail?

A blizzard means snow coming down at a rapid rate accompanied by high wind. Hail would not be a normal feature of a blizzard. The phrase 'a blizzard of hail' does not refer to an actual blizzard, but instead a hailstorm accompanied by high wind.

What conditions creates blizzards?

hot air rises on top of the cold air and that starts blizzards. That creates strong wind and air to mix

What time of the year do blizzards occur?

Blizzards occur in the winter time. Blizzards are a snow storm that is larger than normal with very high winds.

What do blizzards do?

Blizzards make a big gust of wind and snow which can kill people by a big blanket of snow. You can also get frost-bite if it gets severe.

What kind of severe weather occurs or might occur in roseville?

Well thunder storms high wind and rain maybe floods maybe snow storms or blizzards

What is the wind direction of a blizzard?

There is no wind direction specific to blizzards. It does tend to blow from the pole and in the direction of the prevailing winds however.

Do hurricanes tornadoes and blizzards have low temperatures or wind?

Blizzards have both low temperatures and strong wind. Blizzards, by definition, must produce winds of at least gale force and, being snowstorms, involve temperatures below freezing. Tornadoes and hurricanes both produce very powerful winds and generally occur in warm weather.

When do blizzards happen?

Most of the time blizzards are in the winter when the cold seasons come in. But if you live in the arctic or high in the mountains, then it could be anytime.

Do blizzards occur in the Arctic Tundra?

Blizzards do in fact occur in the Arctic Tundra. This is because there is both snow and high winds in this area.

What is the mascot for the Winters TX high school?

Winters Blizzards

Was there a blizzard in the South Pole?

The wind at the South Pole is almost constant, and blizzards are very common.

What are blizards?

Blizzards - a strong, very cold wind accompanied by widespread and very heavy snow

How are blizzards predicted?

Blizzards can be predicted by finding the center of a low pressure system by looking at maps. They then identify areas of low pressure, wind flow patterns, temperatures, and the dew point.

Can people die in a blizzard?

Yes. People can die in blizzards due to hypothermia, car accidents from low visibility, asphyxiation from blocked chimneys, and from injuries sustained from high winds or wind damage.

What effects do blizzards have?

Blizzards can have damaging and long-lasting effects. The amount of snow can cause roofs to collapse, power outages, and traffic accidents. The wind may also cause trees to fall.

Is wind a biotic or abiotic factor and why?

wind is not biotic factor because , it is not alive, and wind doesn't require energy or food to survive like animals and humans , so wind is known to be an abiotic factor. : hope that helped

Is wind abiotic?

Yes, wind is abiotic factor .

Can there be small but deadly blizzards?

Yes, there can be. Blizzards have extremely high ranges of temperature, causing deaths from cold.These also can trap people in places, cause avalnches and such.

How do you measure the intensity of a blizzard?

Tthe National Weather Service measures blizzards by the wind speeds. In order for the snowstorm to be a blizzard, the wind speed must be at least 35mph.