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all sharks eat sea turtles

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Do sharks eat turtles?

Yes, some sharks eat sea turtles.

Do all sharks eat turtles?

No only some types of sharks do eat sea turtles

Can sharks eat sea turtles?

Yes sharks can eat sea turtles. But some prefer to eat easier targets for large turtles would fight back!

What sea turtles eat and what eats it?

Well, sea turtles eat plants and seat turtles eat meatBest answer:Sharks or tiger sharks eat sea turtles

Does sharks eat sea turtle?

There are sharks that eat sea turtles, such as the tiger shark. The tiger shark has jaws that are powerful enough to break the shell of an adult sea turtle. Other sharks can eat baby sea turtles that do not have a strong shell.

Do sharks eat wild sea turtles?

yes because sharks are predators

What kinds of animals eat loggerhead sea turtles?

sharks ,great white sharks and tiger sharks eat loggerhead.

What kind of sharks eat sea turtles?

A Great White shark might eat sea turtles. It all depends on the size of the shark. Some larger sharks might attack on smaller leatherback turtles.

Do sharks eat sea turtles?

Yes, but not very often.

What animals eat sea turtles?

Sharks and Octopuses and Dolphins

What do Bull Sharks eat?

bull sharks eat dogs and turtles and rays crabs and sea birds . other sharks dolphins.

Do great white sharks eat sea turtles?

Sharks will try to eat anything they think is potential food.

What are 5 five predators of the sea turtle?

The 5 predators of the sea turtle are mainly Tiger sharks. Tiger sharks mostly eat the adult sea turtles. Other predators are dogs, fishes, seabirds and crabs, they eat the eggs or the hatchlings of the sea turtles.

What eats a sea turtle eat?

Well sea turtles are consumed by sharks jellyfish and a variety of culture's.

What animal eats a sea turtel?

Tiger sharks are know to eat loggerhead and green sea turtles.

Do white tip sharks eat sea turtles?

Yes they do! a matter of fact they can also eat seabirds!

Do sharks eat manatee?

Sharks are not picky eaters although their favorite foods are seals and sea turtles, so if they were hungry and saw a manatee, they might eat it.

What kind of fish or sea animals do tiger sharks eat?

Tiger sharks are probably the least picky eaters among sharks; they will eat almost anything from sea turtles to other sharks, and they love eating dead whales too. They do tend to avoid sea snakes, though.

What do sharks eat in the coral reef?

No. Because they are too big. They only eat other fish, sea turtles, starfish, ext.But never do sharks eat coral reefs.

What animals hunt sea turtles?

sea turtles get hunted by people and allso sharks

In an ecosystem in a food chain that has the animals lobsters crabs octopuses hermit crabs turtles sword fishes stingrays sharks and walruses what role does a sea turtle play?

Sea turtles are herbivores, they eat algae, grasses and other marine plants. Tiger Sharks have been known to eat turtles

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