Do bounced checks affect your credit rating?

A bounced check does not report to your credit report, so long as you make good on the check with the company you made it out to in a timely manner. If you do not, then the company may turn over your unpaid debt to a collection agency, which WILL show up on your credit report. Most utilities and stores will do this, including grocery stores and large chain stores (such as CVS and Blockbuster). Expect them to do this as soon as 90 days after non-payment of your bounced check. Do beware however that a bounced check MAY be reported to other consumer information agencies like Teletrack, which provides information to companies like Payday Advance Providers, Auto Finance Companies & Auto Dealers, Cable, Telecom, Utility & Wireless Companies, Insurance Companies, and many more. Chronic bounced checks will damage your credibility, so if you move as often as I do (and thus need to re-connect utilities and cable often), you may want to be careful who you bounce!! Hope this has been of assistance. More input from FAQ Farmers: * Gas stations like Speedway, and other companies will report a returned check on your credit bureau I have been told by others that even checks taken care of at times right away were later found on their credit reports.