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Do brain surgeons make money after retirement?

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Generally yes, as they have probably made investments or paid into some sort of pension fund.

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What makes more money a brain surgeon or heart surgeon?

I am a brain surgeon and i make a lot of money. Cardiac Surgeons get alot of money. Brain surgeons make only a little more than a Cardiac Surgeon.

Do brain surgeons make more money then neurosurgeon?

A brain surgeon is a Neurosurgeon. lol they're the same thing.

How much money do brain surgeons make per year in California?

50000 ud

Do heart surgeons make more than brain surgeons?

No they don't because brain surgeon are the highest level of surgeons out there

How much do brain surgeons make in Louisiana?

Brain surgeons in Louisiana who are often identified as neurosurgeon's, make $187,200 annually. The top 10% of brain surgeons earn upwards to $1 million annually.

Which surgeons make the most money?

Plastic surgeons

What is the highest paying surgeon?

Plastic surgeons, heart surgeons, and brain surgeons all make the most salary out of doctors.

Does surgeons or orthadonist make more money?

I believe the correct question to ask is, "Which make more money surgeons or orthadonists?"

How much do brain surgeons make per day?

They make 100,000,000,000

Do a brain surgeon make more than a spine surgeon?

The average Brain Surgeon makes 460,000 dollars a year, While the average Orthopedic surgeons make 406,000 dollars a year. So Brain surgeons make more.

How much do brain surgeons make an hour?


What is the beginning salary for a brain surgeon?

ow muych monye do brain surgeons make? around 800,000

How much money do lasik surgeons make?


Where do plastic surgeons make the most money?


How much do oncological surgeons earn?

An oncology surgeon can easily make around $250,000 dollars a year. Specialty surgeons often make twice the amount of money that general surgeons make.

How much do you make as a brain sergain?

Most doctors simply make money according to how much work they do. Therefor there is a big range in the amount that any one type of doctor can make. Neurosurgeons (brain surgeons) make around $300,000 to $1,000,000 per year.

How much do retina surgeons make?

The amount of money that retina surgeons make varies based on where they practice. On average they make between $110,000 to $202,000.

How much money do plastic surgeons make a week?

How much money does a plastic surgeon make a week

What kinds of doctors make the most money?

Neuron Surgeons

How much does a brain surgeon earn in Britain?

according to my recent studies, brain surgeons make about as much as do garbage collectors.

How much on average does a brain surgeon make?

In salary and pay ratesdoctors and surgeons

What kind of surgeons earn the most amount of money?

Plastic Surgeons, Cardiovascular Surgeons, Neurosurgeons, and Orthopedic Surgeons usually make the most with a maximum annual salary of anywhere between $800,000 to $2,000,000

How much money can you make after retirement at 62?


Does the average american heart surgeon make more than the average brain surgeon?

The average salary of a heart transplant surgeon is 523,999 dollars. The average salary of a brain surgeon is 529,176. Brain surgeons, on average, make around 5000 dollars a year more than heart surgeons.

Does a brain surgeon make more money then a plastic surgeon?

USUALLY it's the other way around, since plastic surgeons do elective, vanity procedures ... often not covered by insurance.

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