Do buddhists believe in a god?

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2016-10-13 11:07:51

No, we do not. There are many reasons why. The Buddha, like

modern sociologists and psychologists, believed that religious

ideas and especially the idea of god, have their origins in fear.

The Buddha said: Gripped by fear people go to sacred mountains,

sacred groves, sacred trees and shrines. So clinging to the idea of

a all powerful being that can protect us and guide us, inspite of

all the examples in life that there really isn't (where was he in

Newtown?) is just another form of desire and fear.

No, Buddhists do not believe in a God, per say, but they believe in

a divine existence and a way of life. The existence or

non-existence of 'god' is not a factor in Buddhism. Mankind must

find its own way to enlightenment.

Buddhists do not believe in any all powerful, infinite life gods.

We believe that some people can attain entry into a God Realm for a

finite time; but these beings are not omnipotent and not


no they do not they are not monothaistic (means they belive in one


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