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No, we do not. There are many reasons why. The Buddha, like modern sociologists and psychologists, believed that religious ideas and especially the idea of god, have their origins in fear. The Buddha said: Gripped by fear people go to sacred mountains, sacred groves, sacred trees and shrines. So clinging to the idea of a all powerful being that can protect us and guide us, inspite of all the examples in life that there really isn't (where was he in Newtown?) is just another form of desire and fear.
No, Buddhists do not believe in a God, per say, but they believe in a divine existence and a way of life. The existence or non-existence of 'god' is not a factor in Buddhism. Mankind must find its own way to enlightenment.
Buddhists do not believe in any all powerful, infinite life gods. We believe that some people can attain entry into a God Realm for a finite time; but these beings are not omnipotent and not omniscient.
no they do not they are not monothaistic (means they belive in one god)

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2016-10-13 11:07:51
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Q: Do buddhists believe in a god?
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What god do Buddhists believe in?

Buddhists do not believe in any god.

Who is the god that Buddhists believe in?

None. Buddhists do not believe in any creator god or any supreme being.

Which religion does not believe in a creator God?

Buddhists and Atheists do not believe in a God or Creator.

What buddhists beliefs about god?

Buddhists do not believe in a Supreme Creator God, however, they do believe in non-creator gods, goddesses, & other types of deities.

Do the Buddhists believe in god?

Buddhists have no god or pantheon of deities. It is up to everyone to find his own way to enlightenment.

What do Buddhists and hindus have in common?

They believe in one god.

Does Buddhism believe in god?

The teachings of Buddhists do not talk of a God, but if you wish to believe in any God or a sprititual force then you can.

Can budda forgive sin?

The short answer is no. The long answer is that The Buddha is not a god and us Buddhists do not believe in sin. We believe that people can do unmoral things but sin is a god-based concept and Buddhists do not believe in any omnipotent god or gods.

Who are Buddhists?

Buddhists practice Buddhism, based on the teachings of the Buddha, 'the enlightened One'. Buddhists meditate and practice acts of compassion. There are no dogmas, and you don't have to believe in God. Also see, 'What do Buddhists believe?'

Does buhddism believe in GOD?

Buddhists are able to believe in a god but Buddhism takes no stance on whether a god exists at all or not.

Do Jains believe in a god?

Like Buddhists, Jains do not worship a Creator God, but, believe in various non-creator deities.

Are Buddhists polytheists?

Buddhism is a very broad religious tradition and the answer to this question will vary depending on the type of Buddhist you are referring to. Some Buddhists do not believe in any god. Other Buddhists believe in many gods. Some Buddhists believe that there are many gods but they have no real impact on human life. Others believe that a god or gods can directly intervene in human affairs. Basically, yes some Buddhists are polytheist but many are not.

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