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don't know do u sleep or nap standing

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Q: Do buffalo sleep or nap standing?
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Do yaks sleep standing up?

Not exactly. They nap or doze standing up, but will lay down to sleep, just like cows do.

Did Sigmund Freud sleep or nap?


Do horses sleep standing up or laying down?

Both actually. A horse will nap or rest while locking it's legs in the standing position, but to get REM sleep a horse must lay down to sleep, otherwise their bodies will not feel rested.

How do buffalo sleep laying down or standing?

Laying down. They doze standing, but for a deep sleep, they lay down either on their side or with their feet tucked under them and their heads pulled in towards their rear.

How many hours dose a horse sleep every day?

A horse will only rem sleep about an hour or 2 a day. They do have many naps of sleep but only have rem sleep when they are laying down. They can lock their knees to nap while standing.

How do you say sleep or nap in Hebrew?

to sleep = lishon (לישון) to nap = lenamnem (לנמנם)

Which animal can nap standing up?

A flamingo.

Short sleep 3 letters?

short sleep = nap

In miss popularity how do you make her sleep or nap?

you have to wait till 23.00 then she will go to sleep and then it will be 12.00am again. you cant actually make her go to sleep or take a nap

Do rolly pollies nap?

Rollie pollies may nap. it is certain that they sleep though

What is another word for sleep?

Another word for sleep is slumber or nap.

How much does a emperor penguin sleep?

Emperor penguins sleep for short periods standing up. This way only their well insulated feet touch the ice. Each nap may only be ten minutes.

Do goats sleep standing up?

no, goats sit when they sleep. They are not like horses who sleep standing. no, goats sit when they sleep. They are not like horses who sleep standing.

What do you call an afternoon sleep?

power nap

What is a short sleep called?

nap or snoozing

What is a 3 letter word for sleep?


What does it mean to take a nap?

To sleep for a few minutes or a short period of time. A nap can be 10 minutes or 2 hours. A cat nap is a quick. short power nap. only 10 to 15 minutes long. Sleeping can be a nap as long as you don't sleep for longer than 3 hours.

Why do cattle lay down to sleep while horses stand up to sleep?

Horse typically stand to nap, but they do lay down to get REM sleep. Cattle lay down for the same reasons, and they will also 'doze' while standing just like a horse.

When do penguins sleep?

=Penguins don't sleep they nap. Even at night they nap because they don't fall in a true deep sleep. They also sleep close by because if a unexpected preaditor comes their less likely to be eaten.=

Do buffalo sleep in the winter?

Buffalo do not hibernate

What do you called a short sleep in the day time?

a nap

What are other word forms of sleep?

snooze, nap

When do gorillas sleep?

Gorillas sleep at night, but like humans they can catch a nap in the daytime.

What do we do when we have a nap?

When we have a nap, we take a short rest; it is not as long as sleeping, usually 15 minutes, but in some context it is sleeping, so we call it a 'nap'.

What is the synonym of nap?

Nap:verb:a. to sleep briefly.noun:a. a short period of sleep.Synonyms:catnap, crash, doze, hit the sack, nod, nod off, rest, siesta, sleep, slumber, snooze,