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Q: Do cameras have concave or convex lenses?
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List two uses for concave lens?

Both concave and convex lenses are used in glasses; A microscope, like a reflecting telescope, uses a concave mirror, a plane mirror, and a convex lens; A refracting telescope uses two convex lenses to magnify images in the sky; binoculars use concave lenses to improve detail.

How are convex lenses and concave lenses the same?

They are not the same. Convex lens bulge outward, and concave lenses go in ward. Convex lenses focus light, and concave lenses spread light out.

Are objective lenses concave or convex?

Objective lenses are convex lenses.

What are two type of lenses?

convex and concave

Do binoculors have concave or convex lenses?

i think they have convex lenses

How are concave and convex lenses different?

Convex bulges outward (thicker in the center than the edge)Concave bulges inward (thinner in the center than the edge)Convex lenses magnify when you look through then, concave lenses make things look smaller.You can focus a distant object to a point with a convex lens (the image will be upside down).

Do microscopes use concave or convex lenses?

They use convex lenses because they need to focus the light IN to the eye. Convex focuses in while concave spreads the light out. So, they use convex lenses.

What devices use lenses to produce a real image?

Convex lenses are used for glasses since it can bend light to provide better eyesight. Their also used for cameras, telescopes or science purposes. Also you have double convex lens in your eye.

Where do you find concave and convex lenses around your house?

windows if u have a old camera or binoculars,u could open them up and get the concave and convex lenses from there.

Types of lenses?

Convex lenses are curved inward. Concave lenses curve outward.

What are the differences between concave and convex lenses?

Concave lenses curve inwardly.Convex lenses curve outwardly.* See related links.

If a person is farsighted do they need concave or convex lenses?

They need a concave lens