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Do cars make acid rain?

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YES. the burn fossil fuels and this creates gas emmisions and this creates acid rain.... so by taking public transport u will help reduce acid rain.

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What gas does acid rain make?

Acid rain does not make gas.

What materials do you need to make acid rain?

Pollution, from both cars and factories. It dissolves into the clouds and makes the rain slightly acidic

What chemicals make up acid rain?

pollutants and toxins created by factories,cars and carbon dioxide.

How does acid rain effect cars?

since the acid in the rain is a corrosive (a liquid that will 'eat' through materials), the acid rain could accelerate the process of rusting on a car

Where does acid rain come from in Europe?

acid rain comes from air pollution which is made by cars, power stations and factories.These places create gases which react with the rain and creates a very weak acid called acid rain.

What does acid rain do to dirt?

acid rain make dirt softer

What do sulfur oxides combine with to make acid rain?

sulpher dioxide dissolves in rain water to make acid rain

What does acid rain do to your cars?

Eats the paint and rusts the metal.

How can acid rain be stopped?

Acid Rain can't exactly be stopped that easily. Since acid rain is caused by human sources such as cars and factories, all we can do is hope that less cars will be used. Hi, I'm Jeremy Clarkson. LEAVE THE CARS ALONE!!!!!! Insead you green people should invent some kind of acid proof spray.

1 way how petrol companies can help to reduce acid rain pollution from cars?

Drive less, make cars with smaller engines, less petrol.

What is a cause of acid rain?

Although rain is naturally acidic (pH 5.6), what we consider to be acid rain occurs from polluntants, mainly sulfiric and nitric acid. They are given off by factories and cars.

What substance is mixed with rain to make acid rain?

Acid rain is formed when moisture in the atmosphere combines with nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides to make nitric acid and sulfuric acid respectively.

Does acid rain make iron rust?

There is no such thing as acid rain but you can make drops of acid depending on its pH level on top of iron.

What is one human impact on acid rain?

cars, littering, that such thing

What are some human causes for acid rain?

some of the human causes for acid rain is we drive our cars ,have oil companies ,and don't care about the electricity.

What is acid rain and how does it form?

Acid rain is just polluted rain. It forms when it rains normally, but the rain carries any pollutants in the air (from things like cars or factory smoke) and brings it down with it

How much water and vinegar do you need to make acid rain?

You can't make acid rain. Especially from water and vinegar. Acid rain is formed when the conditions in the environment cause chemical reactions which contribute to the acidity of the rain.

What are the different opinions on acid rain?

there are no different viewpoints on acid rain unfortunately, it is aggreed that it is caused by sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides of the pollutants and exhaust of cars

What are the long term effects of acid rain?

The long term effects of acid rain are negative. It can erode buildings, cars, statues and can kill organisms and plants.

What human activities cause acid rain?

Power plants, exaust of cars.

What can you do to have less acid rain?

To stop, or reduce the amount of acid rain, you can shut down factories which make pollution. First, acid rain is made of pollution and rain water. When mixed and let gone, there is acid rain falling from the sky.

How do you make acid rain for science?

Acidic gases causes acid rain. SO2, NO2 are examples for that.

How does acid rain affect an ecosystem?

Acid rain affect the ecosystem by reforming the way the animals live.This can happen by the cars and factory's fumes. And it can EFFECT by hurting things

Does the causes of acid rain include runoff from cars?

acid rain comes from chemicals in the clouds, not runoff there is no "car runoff" runoff is from the slanted ground into water bodies

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