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No they do not

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โˆ™ 2011-05-09 03:07:59
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Q: Do catholic religions believe in Euthanasia?
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Which religions is euthanasia legal?

there are not any religions that enflight on euthanasia being legal

Disadvantage of euthanasia?

people might abuse it they could kill a person using euthanasia

Do Catholics believe in euthanasia?

Catholics do not believe in euthanasia.

What kind of euthanasia does the Catholic Church condone?

The only for of Euthanasia that the Catholic Church condones, is the Euthanasia of pets, to end their suffering and pain.

What do christains believe about euthanasia?

I'm a christian & strongly believe in euthanasia.

Do Italians believe any religions?

Italians are originally and typically Catholic.

How does the Catholic Church define euthanasia?

To put it briefly, euthanasia is homicide, murder.

Religious views on voluntary euthanasia?

As a strong Catholic Christian I believe euthanasia is completely unacceptable. Only god has the write to choose when you die not yourself or a doctor or the next of kin. _____________________________________________ Islam teachings do not allow practicing euthanasia. It is a sinful act.

What kind of religions did the Maryland colony believe in?

Maryland was founded as a Catholic colony.

What is the same with the Protestant and Catholic religions?

both religious both believe in god.

What religions believe in purgatory?

Roman Catholic AnswerOnly Christianity, as far as I know.

What does the Catholic church have to do with euthanasia?

The Catholic Church considers euthanasia, as well as abortion, a form of murder and it is not permitted. Only God can end a life.

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