Does Obama believe in Euthanasia

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Q: Does Obama believe in Euthanasia
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Related questions

Do Catholics believe in euthanasia?

Catholics do not believe in euthanasia.

What do christains believe about euthanasia?

I'm a christian & strongly believe in euthanasia.

Do catholic religions believe in Euthanasia?

No they do not

Do Sikh's believe in euthanasia?

No they dont

What different cultures think about euthanasia?

Christians are strongly against euthanasia. They believe that only God can take away one's life. For Hindus, they believe that euthanasia will damage the karma of both doctor and patient.

Why would someone be against euthanasia?

because euthanasia is basically murder. Christian's believe that human life is a gift from god and that euthanasia is wrong no matter what the reason.

Which Christian denominations believe that euthanasia is wrong?

All of them

How might a parent believe in euthanasia?

A parent might believe in euthanasia if they see it for them selves or see that somebody they know or is very close to tries to commit suicide :)

Who is the head of euthanasia?

I don't believe their can be a "head" of euthanasia, but Dr. Kevorkian is a well known supporter of the currently illegal process.

Does Israel follow euthanasia?

Perhaps a follower of the Hebrew religion will weigh in on this question, BUT I do not believe that Jews believe in the practice of euthanasia, therefore it is doubtful that Israel would legally allow it.

What Barack Obama thinks about euthanasia?

look if the person want to be outta misery let them why have the person suffer?

Do people believe in euthanasia?

Euthanasia means the active act of if someone is on there death bed and are suffering a lot and they say they want to die and u take off whatever that's keeping them alive that's euthanasia. So it's an opinion and so yes some people do believe in it. I personally am not up for it.

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