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Catholics believe that only catholics can get to heaven.

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Q: Do catholics believe that you must be saved to go to heaven?
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How can you get saved to go to Heaven?

To be saved you must believe that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior and that he died for you on the cross to take away your sins. If you believe this and have prayed to God our Father to ask for forgiveness and told him that you believe in his Holy Name then when you die you would go to heaven.

What do the major religions believe one must do in order to go to Heaven?

Christians believe that as long as you ask Jesus to come into your heart and to save you from your sins, than you will go to heaven. Muslims believe you have to earn your way to heaven and do many strange things. catholics believe that you must please God by doing "good works".

Do Catholics say protestants get into heaven?

It would really depend on the Catholic. Some have varying beliefs on the matter of who is going to heaven and who isnt. Some catholics may feel only Catholics can go to heaven but if you are looking at catholic doctrine and what the catholic doctrine teaches it does not say you must be Catholic to go to heaven.

Do Catholics believe in a new heaven and a new earth?

since catholics believe that Jesus is the savior and they are early christians so um the truth is that there is no new heaven or earth. so this is the word that christians use as the end of the world called the rapture(meaning apocolypes) so people who believe in Jesus christ may rise up with him to go to heaven supernaturally,and people who don't believe in god must stay down on the ruined earth and be ruled by Satan for 1000yrs.

What is a truth revealed by God that Catholics must believe?


Do Catholic's believe in the Virgin Mary?

Yes, Catholics must believe in the Virgin Mary.

Will a sanctified wife's unsaved husband go to heaven?

I'm a Christian and I believe that a person must be saved to go to heaven. Saved by association, I'm afraid, doesn't count. However, I do believe that it is the job of the "sanctified" wife to live her life as an example to her husband and plant the seed of the Word of God at every opportunity and of course, pray as I will pray for you and your husband.

Do Muslims believe that you must earn your way to Heaven?


Do you have to be baptized to go to heaven if you are a Baptist?

Baptist groups have different beliefs in this area. Southern Baptists generally do believe you must be baptized into the Baptist Church to be saved. General Baptists do not believe this, but do believe a person should be baptized as part of the persons Christian walk.

Does believing in Christianity solve the the sins?

That all depends on your faith. If you are Protestant, preferably Lutheran, you would believe that Faith and the Bible are good enough to get in to Heaven. Catholics believe Faith and Good deeds are required. All believe you must be baptized to be cleansed of the Original Sin. Calvinists believe that you have already been chosen by God before Time to go to Heaven. That belief is called Predestination.

How do you believe the Bible when it says you must be saved to get to heaven?

A:You believe by having faith. Faith, in turn, is belief in something for which there is no good evidence.You have to really believe there is a heaven and not worry about the facts. Then you have to believe you can go there when you die, although no one has ever discovered any evidence for this. Finally, you have to believe that the way to go there is to be 'saved', and you will need to decide what you want 'saved' to mean. This is faith.Another View:The Bible never says one gets to go to heaven. On the contrary, the Bible teaches that the dead 'sleep' until awaken to the Judgment of all mankind (see Revelation 20:11-12). It also tells us that a 'new heaven' will descend to the 'new earth' in the New Jerusalem where both the Father and Son will live amongst the newly changed spirit children of the God Family (Revelation 21).Concerning being saved, it does say this about Jesus Christ:Acts 4:12Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we mustbe saved."

What do Catholics believe about the forming of the earth and life?

The Catholic Church does not dictate what Catholics must believe about creation. If Catholics wish to believe in a literal interpretation of Genesis, they may. If they wish to believe that God set in motion the creation process with the 'Big Bang' and evolution, they may also do so. However, whatever they believe, they must remember that God initiated the process and keeps all things in existence.

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