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Do cats go hyper?

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Why does cat nip make cats go crazy?

the reason cat nip makes cats hyper is it is a literal term for cat cocain

Why does your cat go hyper after tuna?

Your cat might get hyper after eating tuna because he likes it so much. Cats love seafood and it makes them happy once they eat it.

Where do you get the medicine for amphy?

you go to ciantown and go to the house next to the Pokemon cebter that says pharmacy and talk to the man so he will give you a hyper the way i luv cats = ^ . ^ = ~meow~

Why do cats randomly go hyper sometimes?

When i wake up in the morning my cat is running around.I think its because they are happy to see you. or they are trying to tell you something.

What does cat nip do to your cat?

Gets them hyper. cat nip to cats = Marijuana to people

Why do cats eat cat nip?

It sort of stimulates their senses. It also makes them hyper.

Why did they discontinue blue smarties?

because they made people go hyperThat is, like, properly HYPER

Will an energy drink make a kid go hyper?

Yes it will en make an Elder hyper

Why does sugar makes people hyper?

Sugar actually doesn't make you hyper, you just think it will so it does just a little detail about hyper, hyper is were you go a bit crazy and your always up.

How can be hyper Sonic in Sonic rush?

No, you can not by Hyper Sonic in Sonic Rush. For Sonic to go Hyper, he needs the 7 Super Emeralds, which Sonic Rush does not have. The Super Emeralds were only in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, so Sonic can only go hyper in Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

How fast can Sonic go when he is hyper Sonic?

Hyper Sonic is so fast,he could go through the whole UNIVERSE and back 62 times in a minute.

How can you tell someone is on a sugar rush?

They go hyper

Do Cats Go To Heaven?

Yes, cats do go to Heaven. I hope...

Does Maine Coon cats get along with dogs?

If the dog is hyper, no the cat gets ticked off. If its calm, the cat will snuggle with it.

Can spayed cats still go into heat?

Spayed cats do not go into heat, I have two female spayed cats.

Can cats go to heaven?

No. Cats are evil.

Where do cats go to college?

Cats don't go to college everyone knows that.^_^

What did the Amazon people do when they were given sweets and candy?

go hyper!

Do teenage boys find it attractive if you go on a hyper streak?

no they do not

What are some words with the prefix hyper in it?

- hyper-allergenic - hyper-acid - hyper-arid - hyper-logic - hypercube

Can a cats spirit go into other cats?

Not that we can prove, no.

When do male cats go into heat?

Male cats do not go into heat. Only the females do.

Does cats go to or real haven?

yes cats do go two are real haven

Do cats go poop?

Yes, everybody poops. yes cats do go poop

What age to cats come on there periods?

Cats don't have periods. Cats go into heat. If your cat is bleeding it needs to go to the vet.

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