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Do cats or dogs make better pets?

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It all depends on your lifestyle, personality and what roll you want a pet to play in your life. It also depends on the pet. Some dogs are very laid back by nature and some cats are high energy.

A pet is just like having a child. If you are a working individual that won't have the time to care for your pet, then a cat would be better than a dog. Most cats are inclined to be indoors, where as a dog can develop separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time without mental and physical stimulation. Dogs need to be taken out for walks at least twice a day in order to stay happy and healthy. Cats, on the other hand, are usually more laid back and as long as you have a sofa or window sill they are pretty much content.

Are you prepared to walk and play with a dog before work and after coming home? Will you mind having to make a litter box is kept clean?

In a nutshell:

  • Dogs will make better pets if you want a pet that you can take for walks and go places with and play with.
  • Cats are good pets if you want a pet that is easier to care for, and likes to settle on your lap and sleep.

So overall I would say cats are better for the more relaxed, laid back people and dogs are more for the fun, outdoorsy never-out-of-energy people. No animal is really a better pet for all people, but a better type for you individually.
I think dogs but my sister thinks cats

2016-06-08 09:03:48
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Q: Do cats or dogs make better pets?
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Dogs make better pets than dogs?

how is this a question and dogs are much better pets than cats Cat owners adore the cleanliness of their pets.

Are dogs better pets than cats and why?

Dogs make better pets as they are more loyal and fun to play with, hard to get a cat to fetch a stick for you !

Do dogs make better pets than cats?

Depends on the household but some breeds of dogs are more outgoing than breeds of cats.

Why do cats and dogs make better pets then wild animals?

Wild animals will rip your face off.

What are some things that are alike about cats and dogs?

Cats and dogs both are domesticated pets. Dogs are smarter and better than cats though in a hundred ways.

How dogs and cats make good pets?

Dogs and cats can offer companionship and help aid loneliness, sickness and even depression.

Shoul lion be your pet instead of dogs or cats?

No, this is because Lions are not domesticated while as dogs and cats are. Dogs and cats are not as aggressive or wild as a lion. They need more room as well. This is why they make bad pets, because they are not meant to be pets.

Were cats the first pets seen?

no cats were not seen first dogs were first pets seen from wolfs to dogs

DO only cats make good pets?

Cats, Dogs and many other animals all make good pets it all depends on how much time you have to spend on them.

Why are dogs better pets than cats?

yes , but more people have dogs because of their loyalty, and protection for their owner. cats, can't really protect their owner.

Cats are better than dogs?

Personally i think cats are better, but once you think about it one isn't better than the other. its all a form of opinion. there are things that cats have that are better than dogs and there are things about dogs that are better than cats. A cats meow is way better, softer and sweeter than a dogs loud obnoxious bark. But a dogs claws are way softer than a cats claws so they wont ruin your furniture. with different people comes different opinions comes different pets!

What pets are needed for a pet store?

Their is no particular pet you need in a pet store. You just have to make sure you have pets in it. Although you will probably have better business if you have cats, dogs, birds, and Bunny's.

Do gay men like dogs or cats better as pets?

Preferring dogs or cats has nothing to do with the fact one is gay. Heterosexuals decide whether they like cats, dogs or both. It's simply an individual's choice.

What is the most common pet?

Mostly dogs. Most dogs tend to be loyal and friendly pets. The second most common are cats.Dogs.Cats and dogs. But if you dont think that is right, make a tally of your friends and family and see what pets they have in there home.

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well there is no real answer for this question its more of a opinion and my opinion is a dog. That doesnt mean dogs are better cats make great pets to! its that dogs to me are more playful n fun to be with ,cats are soft and adorable but more of a sufusticated animal. hope this helps! -amairani-

Why should people pick dogs for pets?

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