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Do cats or dogs make better pets?

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It all depends on your lifestyle, personality and what roll you want a pet to play in your life. It also depends on the pet. Some dogs are very laid back by nature and some cats are high energy.

A pet is just like having a child. If you are a working individual that won't have the time to care for your pet, then a cat would be better than a dog. Most cats are inclined to be indoors, where as a dog can develop separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time without mental and physical stimulation. Dogs need to be taken out for walks at least twice a day in order to stay happy and healthy. Cats, on the other hand, are usually more laid back and as long as you have a sofa or window sill they are pretty much content.

Are you prepared to walk and play with a dog before work and after coming home? Will you mind having to make a litter box is kept clean?

In a nutshell:

  • Dogs will make better pets if you want a pet that you can take for walks and go places with and play with.
  • Cats are good pets if you want a pet that is easier to care for, and likes to settle on your lap and sleep.

So overall I would say cats are better for the more relaxed, laid back people and dogs are more for the fun, outdoorsy never-out-of-energy people. No animal is really a better pet for all people, but a better type for you individually.
I think dogs but my sister thinks cats

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how is this a question and dogs are much better pets than cats Cat owners adore the cleanliness of their pets.

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Dogs make better pets as they are more loyal and fun to play with, hard to get a cat to fetch a stick for you !

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Depends on the household but some breeds of dogs are more outgoing than breeds of cats.

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Cats and dogs both are domesticated pets. Dogs are smarter and better than cats though in a hundred ways.

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