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If you eat a lot and stop exercising, yes.

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Q: Do chicken legs make your legs thick?
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Why do guys make fun of other guys legs Chicken Legs?

Guys may make fun of other guy's chicken legs because they are not muscular and are not perceived as manly.

How to make amazing chicken legs?

There are a few good ways to make good chicken legs. You can bake them with BBQ sauce on them or you can try them with garlic power on them.

Why do guys make fun of my legs Chicken legs and girls tell me i have cute legs to be a guy?

may be you have thin legs

How do the chicken processors make boneless chicken?

Boneless chicken is usually the breast of chicken. That is a thick piece of meat cut off the bone.

How do you make big thick legs skinny?

fillet yourself.

How can you make thick legs skinny?

eat yo veggies!

Why do guys make fun of my Chicken Legs but girls tell me i have the cutes legs to be a guy?

If girls tell you that your legs are cute and guys make fun of them, the guys may be jealous of your cute legs.

Why do guys make fun of my chicken legs but girls tell me i have cute legs to be a guy?

Guys may be making fun of your chicken legs because to men, muscles are important. The girls tell you your legs are cute because they are slim and not bulky.

Did Baba Yaga's house have goat legs frog legs chicken wings or chicken legs?

Baba Yaga's house have 2 chicken legs

Do chicken legs come from chicken?

Yes. In order to call them chicken legs, they must come from a chicken.

Why do elephants and rhinos have such thick legs?

I t is so because if they had wobbly or weak legs it won't have had supported their weight.So to help them stand and move strong and thick legs are required.Hence, they have such thick legs.

How can you make your legs look wider or fatter if you have chicken legs?

TO make your legs thicker try to build up muscle in your legs running, biking etc. buiding muscle in your legs is better than trying to build up fat

Do chickens have legs?

Yes Chicken do have legs.

How can you make bigger legs skinny?

i have skinny legs and i think you shouldn't make em skinny they will loook like chicken legs like mine and ul be made funn of but if u want it smaller do squats it will make muscles in ur legs

How many chicken legs and pork legs in 100 unknown legs?

There are 30 chicken and 10 pigs.

What are chicken lovely legs?

In some Australian supermarkets chicken thighs are branded as chicken lovely legs .

How do you eat chicken legs if chickens have no legs?

Ummm.... chickens do have legs. But, if you are really weird, and want to try something, try making chicken legs from other parts of the chicken, like the meat.

How many grams is 3 chicken legs?

It depends on the size of the chicken legs...

Are chicken legs considered dark meat?

Chicken legs are considered dark meat due to the activity done by the cicken. Chickens used their legst to do major activities such as running or walking, therefore muscles in their legs make the meat become dark meat.

How do you make your teeth fall out?

well you need to either eat chicken legs or wiggle it

How long does it take to boil frozen chicken legs?

Frozen chicken legs should never boiled. The legs needs to be thawed first before boiling. The chicken legs should take an estimated 30 minutes to cook thoroughly.

How many legs does a chicken hav?

It has 2 legs.

How many chicken have legs?

All chickens have legs.

What the function of chicken legs?

For the chicken to stand on in the barnyard.

What is a nother name for chicken legs?

Chicken Drumsticks