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It may seem insane, but yes, they do.


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Yes chipmunks are omnivores and will eat young birds and eggs.

Some birds will eat chipmunks. Generally large birds such as hawks, owls, falcons, and eagles would eat chipmunks if they had the opportunity to get one.

Larger birds such as falcons will eat a cuckoo.

i think chipmunks eat them because Samantha said they do

No, chipmunks are omnivores. They eat grain, nuts, birds' eggs, small frogs, fungi, worms, and insects.Chipmunks are omnivores, they eat mostly seeds and nuts, but they also will eat worms, insects, smaller animals like frogs, and birds eggs.

Chipmunks are prey, as they eat only berries and nuts and have many predators such as hawks and large birds!

squirrels,chipmunks,mice,birds,and blackbears

The cuckoo and reed warbler are birds that have a symbiotic relationship. Cuckoo birds will deposit their eggs in a nest already established by the reed warbler. When a cuckoo egg hatches in the warbler nest, the cuckoo chick will push out the warbler chicks. The warbler parent birds feeds and raises this cuckoo chick. Through this type of relationship, parent cuckoo birds do not have to take care of their eggs or hatched chicks. This practice also increases the cuckoo bird's survival advantage.

I depends on when said cuckoo bird was born.

Chipmunks eat grain, nuts, birds' eggs, small frogs, fungi, worms, and insects.

It gets its name from its call "cuckoo". Other birds have been named after their calls such as "crow" and "chiffchaff" It gets its name from its call "cuckoo". Other birds have been named after their calls such as "crow" and "chiffchaff"

Yes, wild birds can eat cranberries. Just last week, I put out some on my feeder and on the floor, and some birds eat it, and the squirrels and chipmunks all gobble up the rest on the floor.

No cheetahs do not eat chipmunks.

Chipmunks and squirrels eat with their hands.

Yes, chipmunks do eat roots.

chipmunks eat with their small slender feet. They eat fruit.

I depends what kind of chipmunk specie and how hard is the acorn. The red tail chipmunk does not eat acorns because it's teeth are smaller than the other different types of chipmunks.

The European Cuckoo and the female parasitic cuckoo lay there eggs in the nests of other birds.

A cuckoo doesn't make a nest of it's own. Instead it lays an egg in another birds nest. The cuckoo relies on the other (smaller) birds to raise it's young for it. Cuckoo birds lay their eggs in clocks. I thought everyone knew that. It is the Brown-headed Cowbird that lays their eggs in other birds' nests.

Cuckoo shrikes eat large insects like grasshoppers that they pull out of trees. They can also attack other cuckoo shrikes for food. A relative of the cuckoo shrike, the triller can eat insects in mid air

Usually bigger birds like falcons. But they are also eaten by sharks, snakes, and small mammals like chipmunks. Source:

dogs eat meat which means dogs eat the animal that the meat is made from

there is a special behavior that they have.

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