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Pahoehoe and a'a refer to different texutres of lava flows. Although cindercones can produce lava flows, their main mode of eruption is called "fire fountaining" which tends to produce chunks of lava called scoria, rather than pahoehoe or a'a.

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What is the lava of cinder cone volcanoes?

A cinder cone has basaltic lava, which has a fairly low viscosity.

What color is the lava of cinder cone volcanoes?

The color of cinder cone volcanoes is a blackish-gray.

What type of lava do cinder cones volcanoes have?

Cinder cone volcanoes have two types of lava and these are: (1) Basic Lava (2) Acid Lava

What are four landforms created from lava and ash?

Shield volcanoes Cinder cone volcanoes Composite volcanoes Lava plateaus

How does silica affect volcanic lava?

A low amount of silica will create a runny kind of lava found in shield volcanoes. That kind of lava is called Pahoehoe. A high amount of silica will make a thick kind of lava that is found in cinder cone volcanoes. That kind of lava is called Aa.

What are landforms from lava and ash?

Lava Plateaus Cinder Cone, Composite, Strato, and Shield volcanoes.

Why does a cinder cone volcanoes have such steep sides?

when lava flows down it the lava that stayed on it gets hard

Is hot gases the only thing that come out of a cinder volcano?

No. Cinder cone volcanoes erupt fountains of lava, which is how the cinder cone is built up. Cinder cones that are nearing the end of activity may also produce lava flows.

How are shield volcanoes and composite volcanoes alike?

Both shield and cinder cone volcanoes primarily erupt basaltic lava.

Why do cinder cone volcanoes have steep sides?

Cinder cone volcanoes are not composed of lava flows as shield volcanoes are, but are made of piles of cinders that fell after being ejected into the air. These form slopes at the angle of repose.

What type of lava does a cinder cone volcano have?

A cinder cone volcano has basaltic lava.

How do Cinder cone volcanoes affect eneviornmental conditions?

because is has toxic lava in it that we can not breath

How do cinder cone volcanoes form?

Lava is spewed out of a vent like a cannonball, forming a cone-shaped volcano.

Do cinder cone volcanoes contain mafic or felsic lava?

Ciner cones generally erupt mafic lava.

What materials do cinder cone volcanoes produce?

Cinder cones produce ash and chunks of lava rock called scoria.

What are 3 types of volcanic mountains and explain?

Shield volcanoes are made from runny lava and steep sides. Cinder cone volcanoes are made from lava layers that alternate with layers of cinder. composite volcanoes shoot lav into the air.

What are the three types of volcanoes?

A shield volcano, cinder cone volcano, and the composite volcano. Shield volcanoes are on of the three types of volcanoes. Shield volcanoes have quiet eruptions and the lava is basaltic. Its slope is shallow compared to a composite volcano and a cinder-cone volcano. They are produced by hotspots and mid-ocean ridge. Cinder-cone volcanoes are the second of the three types of volcanoes. Cinder-cone volcanoes. Cinder-cone volcanoes have explosive eruptions that release lava high in the air. They are created by tephra, volcanic ash. Its slope ranges between 30 degrees and 40 degrees. The lava is andesitic. Composite volcanoes are the third type of volcanoes. Their eruptions vary from loud and explosive to quiet. Composite volcanoes cab rise as high as 8000 feet and are steep. An example of composite volcanoes is Mount Fuji. Composite volcanoes spew felsic lava and they are built up by layers of harden lava, tephra, pumice, and volcanic ash.

What are some cinder cone volcanoes in the us?

Cerro Negro, Mount Shasta, Lava Butte

Four landforms created from lava and ash?

Three landforms that can be created from ash are cinder cone volcanoes, composite volcanoes, and shield volcanoes. Lava plateaus can also be formed.

How does pahoehoe form?

Pahoehoe lava forms by small pieces of lava from an irregular flow. It is typical in certain types of volcanoes such as shield volcanoes.

What type of volcanoes are the hawiian islands?

The Hawaiian islands are made of two types of volcanoes, shield volcanoes and cinder cone volcanoes. Shield volcanoes have broad bases with gentle slopes. Cinder cone volcanoes have steeper sides, are made from fragments of lava, and are usually located at the base of shield volcanoes.

Do shield or composite or cinder cone or caldera volcanoes have alternate layers of ash and lava?

Composite VolcanoesComposite Volcanoes. Composite volcanoes are tall, cone shaped mountains in which alternate layers of lava alternate with layers of ash. This happens when smooth lava flows alternate with explosive eruptions of lava fragments.

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