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Do colors have opposites?

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Here's a little experiment for you to try. Find yourself a piece of paper in a solid bright color. Now find a white wall. Place a chair about 5 feet from the wall. Now tape the paper to the wall at what would be eye level when you are sitting in the chair.

Now sit down and stare at the paper for about fifteen seconds. Quickly look away from the paper to a blank part of the wall and let your eyes settle. What you will see is an image of the paper in negative. The color you now see is the opposite of the color that the paper is.

Google COLOR THEORY and choose most any link. Or go to and check out the color wheels on that page for m ore information.

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Are green and red opposite colors?

yes they are complimentary colors with are opposites.

What is Contrasting colors?

They are the opposites on a colour wheel.

What do you call the colors black and white?

Black and white are colors and they are consider opposites.

What is the combination of purple and orange called?

Complementary colors (meaning they are opposites on the color wheel).

What is binary opposition in heart of darkness?

Binary opposition is two related things that are opposites of each other. For example, black and white are both colors but they are opposites. In Heart of Darkness, males and females are binary opposites because they have very different roles..

What are the opposite prime colors called?

from the Impossible Test on iPod/iPhone it says the primary colors are yellow red and blue. The opposites to that is purple, green and orange

What colors are best together?

Ones that are opposites on the color wheel; for example - blue and orange, or purple and yellow.

Can something other than words and colors have 2 opposites?

No; and it's not true of colour or "words" either.

What is a colour wheel used for and what does it do?

A color wheel is used for telling which colors are opposites or next to each other.

What is mean by complimentry colors?

Complimentary colors are the opposites on the color wheel. For instance, green and red are complimentary colors. Blue and orange are complimentary. See the link for the color wheel and color illustrations of this principle.

Why are The colors On the color wheel the way they are?

The colors on a color wheel are arranged based on the way the colors relate to each other. Green is between Blue and Yellow because it is halfway between those two colors. Red is across from Green because they are opposites.

What is opposites in math?

+ and - are opposites for example 6 and -6 are opposites

What are some friendship quotes about opposites?

1. The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never met. 2. All colors are the friends of their neighbours and the lovers of their opposites. 3. Force and mind are opposites; morality ends were a gin begins. 4. Most people think that success and failure are opposites, but they both are products of the same process. 5. I'm smart, your not. I'm tall, your not. We're different in many ways, but somehow we're still friends.

What are the opposite colors apart from black and white?

There aren't any other opposite colours. 2nd answer: The primary colors are red, blue and yellow; in a color wheel their opposites are green, orange and violet, respectively.

How does a color wheel help mix colors of paint?

With a good color wheel, you can see what will come out when you mix two colors. Pick the two colors in the color wheel, and the color in between will be the outcome. It only works well when the colors are not too far apart in the color wheel. Opposites in the color wheel will make smudgy, greyish-brownish colors.

Are parallel and perpendicular opposites?

Yes, parallel and perpendicular are opposites.

What is the opposite of 'component'?

There are opposites of some adverbs and adjectives. The idea of "opposites" is conceptually weak and not all words have opposites.

What color does dark blue and light orange make?

Blue and orange are opposites on the color wheel. The mixing of opposite colors usually produces a brown or black.

What is the set of counting numbers and their opposites?

The answer depends on what is meant by "their opposites". If you mean additive opposites then the set is of all non-zero integers.

Are analogies always opposites?

No, sometimes they are not opposites like captain to ship.

Is orange aura the opoite of red aura?

Red and orange are just one of the many colors of an aura it depends on the person of wat red and wat orange means but i have never heard of the 2 colors being opposites if that's wat you mean.

What rhymes with opposites?

nothing rhymes with opposites but you could make something up

How strong are ionic bonds?

Because there is an attraction between the opposites. Opposites attract.

Is tweety and sylverster opposites?

Well not opposites but, Tweety is a bird and Sylvester is a cat.

In chemistry how do opposites attract?

if in chemistry opposites attract, how can the "law of attraction" be rationalized