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Yes it says in my notes packet

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Q: Do compounds have a definite composition?
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Is the law of definite composition applicable to compounds only?

This law is not valid for all chemical compounds (ex. nonstoichiometric compounds).

Do compounds have variable composition?

No. Compounds have a definite composition, therefore they are pure substances. For example, water always has the formula H2O, sodium chloride (common table salt) always has the formula NaCl, and glucose (blood sugar) always has the formula C6H12O6.

What you mean by nonstoichiometry?

The chemical composition of nonstoichiometric compounds do not respect the law of definite proportions.

Is it true that a chemical has a definite composition?

Yes, after the Law of definite proportions; but now it is clear that this law is not applicable to all known chemical compounds.

The scientific statement that says that compounds always have exactly the same composition by mass is?

Law of definite proportions See also the link below.

Why are elements and compounds considered as substances?

because if the substances is bonded to another substance its a compound

What has a definite composition?


What do you call a material with definite properties and definite chemical composition?


Do solutions have a definite composition?

Definite proportions, not indefinite proportions. What it says is that the composition of a compound is the same regardless of its state. For instance: Water is 11.1% hydrogen and 88.9% oxygen by mass. If I were to freeze water into ice, its composition would be 11.1% hydrogen and 88.9% oxygen by mass. If I were to vaporize the water into steam, its composition would be 11.1% hydrogen and 88.9% oxygen by mass. If I were to take ice, melt it, use an electrical current to electrolyze it into hydrogen gas and oxygen gas, burn them together to form water, flash freeze the resulting water to a temperature of -200 oC, it would still have a composition that is 11.1% hydrogen and 88.9% oxygen by mass. That is what the law of definite proportions tells you.

Which material has definite properties and definite chemical composition?

Minerals have a definite chemical composition, are solid, are inorganic, are naturally occurring, and have a crystalline structure.

What is the chemical composition of colon?

Colon is an organ not a compound with definite composition.

What is fixed composition?

Today the laws of definite proportions and multiple proportions, applied to chemical compounds, are considered as not genarally valid.Many mixtures (not all !) have a fixed composition depending on the specific application and recipe.