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Digital clocks will keep time at least as well as a manual mechanical clock.

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2009-10-07 00:28:44
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Q: Do digital clocks keep time as well or better than standard clocks with hands?
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Why do clocks have second hands?

So you can tell the minute. STANDARD!

How many hands of a clock?

Clocks have 0, 2 or 3 hands: 0 (digital clocks), 2 (hour and minute), 3 (hour, minute and second).

Can you write a sentence using the word digital nce using the word digital?

I have a digital clock; I find it easier to read than analog clocks with hands and regularly spaced numbers.

What are clocks with hands called?

Analog clocks.

Do you make the clocks with the hands too?

Soleus Watches are one of the best brands on the market today. They are made with the hands and also digital. Most sports watches are digital in order to time oneself while performing various sports.

What clocks and people have?


Why does the colon of an alarm clock flash?

Because digital clocks don't have second hands, the flashing colons imitate it instead. Count how many there are in 1 minute, you should get 60.

How are clocks and humans alike?

Clocks are personified to have several of the same features as humans. For example, clocks have a face and two hands, like humans do. Clocks can also be grandfathers!Clocks and people can't go back in time.

What is the name of a clock with no hands?

There ares everal options which meet this criteria:Digital clocks (or digital displays) have numbers but no hands (some use sliding or tumbling numbers cards in place of the LED or LCD to show time),Sundials have no hands only a shadow,Hour glasses have no hands,Old analogue clocks on town towers may have just one hand not "hands",Some braille watches for the blind use raised pins instead of handsSome watches verbally state the time in response to a button push.

What is the width of a hand on a clock?

Different clocks have hands of different sizes.

Why are clocks circle?

Unfortunately, not all clocks are circular. The reason that most clocks are circular is because of convenience. As clocks rely on the rotation of the hands to tell time, it is simply easier for the numbers to be arranged in a circular formation around it.

Why mostly time on clock boxes and packing is shown as 10.10?

It started originally with analog clocks. Setting the hands to 10 minutes after 10 o'clocked made them in an upward V shape. Studies had shown that most people related that to the open arms of a hug. Consequently sales of clocks increased when the hands were set to 10:10. The tradition simply never changed when the digital age struck.

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