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Most dogs do like to eat chicken. If you are feeding chicken and it is cooked you must remove all bones. Cooked chicken bones are splintery and can lodge in a dogs throat.

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Q: Do dogs like chicken
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Do most dogs like chicken?

dont listen to that liar yes dogs can eat chicken they LOVE it

Is chicken gerber good for dogs?

Sure - dogs like chicken, and it's easy to digest - it's for babies.

What do dogs do with the chicken after it kills it?

The dogs ignore the chicken after kills it because dogs know that they are the more powerful than a chicken.

Can dogs eat chicken cooked after it spoiled?

no because they are like human.

What does a dog like to eat better Chicken or Porkchop?

All dogs are different, just like people. My dog prefers chicken and bacon.

Are there sports for dogs?

Yes they also like to chicken. There are all kinds of agility and ball events for dogs to participate in.

Can dogs eat fish or chicken?


Is eating chicken cartilage bad for dogs?

Chicken cartilage can be eaten by larger dogs. Small dogs may get the chicken cartilage stuck in their throats and choked.

What will dogs eat on runescape?

Bones and raw or cooked meat, such as chicken or beef. Just like most normal dogs :)

Do dogs like pet chickens?

The dog will like it because the chicken will be chased all the time. I doubt the chicken will like to have a dag nearby. Also, the chicken might get eaten. Advice: have a barn with chickens rather than having ti nearby or in the house. It will be very crazy with dogs and chickens running around!

What eats squirel?

people , dogs , cats , etc. squirrels taste like chicken

In a farm there are 36 dogs and chicken they got 100 legs altogether.How many dogs and chicken?

8 dogs, 34 chickens

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