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Do dogs like ice cream?

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The like it, but should not eat it.

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Does ice cream effect dogs?

Yes ice cream can effect dogs especially chocolate ice cream.

Why isn't ice cream good for dogs?

Ice cream isn't good for dogs because ice cream gives dogs sugar rush and they can go bananas!

Do rottweilers like ice cream?

Rottweilers can eat ice cream as long as its not too cold and its not chocolate (chocolate is dangerous for dogs)

Can you give dog ice cream?

Dogs aren't supposed to eat ice cream but a little might be okay You can't give dogs chocolate ice cream though.

What do you eat at Wimbledon with ice-cream?

hot dogs

Is chocolate ice cream dangerous for a small dog?

Ice cream is pretty bad for the dog already but chocolate ice cream is especially unhealthy. The cause of this is that chocolate contains an ingredient called Theobromine, which is toxic to dogs. However, if you do like to treat your dog with tasty snacks, I would recommend a brand of ice cream for dogs called Frosty Paws.

Do dogs vomit when given ice cream?


What is singular takes singular verb?

A singular subject has a singular verb form.He/ she/ it/ and singular noun subjects like the boy/ my brother are singular subject and the verb form for singular subjects is verb + sHe likes ice cream. My brother likes ice cream. The dog likes ice cream.Plural subjects have a verb from with no -s.They like ice cream. The dogs like ice cream.This is true for present tense

Can dogs eat cheese and ice cream?

yes dogs can eat cheese and ice cream however it is'nt the best thing for them to eat. I would not give your dog to much cheese and ice-cream but a litle will not harm them.

Why does ice cream look like cream?

Because ice-cream is iced cream!

Do people like ice cream?

i love ice cream

What is the difference between custard and ice cream?

a custered is like a pie and ice cream is ice cream

Why cant dogs eat ice cream?


Simile for ice cream?

the ice cream was as smooth as silk! the ice cream was as hard as a rock! ice cream is like angels singing from above!

Does Obama like ice cream?

Brack Obama like to eat ice cream.

What ice cream does Ansem The Wise like?

Ansems favorite ice cream is sea salt ice cream.

Does Marvin humes like ice cream?

Marvin Humes dose like ice cream but his favourite ice cream flavor is vanilla and strawberry

How do you say your kitty tastes like ice cream?

Like this: "Your kitty tastes like ice cream."

What is ice cream like in china?

ice cream, no big differences all over the world. It has soft ice cream, hard ice cream ect.

Why does ice cream like cats?

It's ice cream.. ice cream doesn't have feelings you doughnut. OR COS ICE CREAM IS DA ONE!<3

What flavor ice cream does Elmo like?

Rasberry ice cream

Does Ice Cream tatse like cake?

no ice cream is better

Why does ice cream taste like ice cream?

It has sugar and milk in it

Does Cody Simpson like ice cream or popcicles?

ice cream

What are the different forms of simple present tense?

Present simple has one main verb. For all subjects except he/she/it use the base form of the verb.I like ice cream. They like ice cream. We like ice cream. You like ice cream.For he/she/it add -s to the verb.He likes ice cream. She works in a school. It likes playing. (my dog).For negative sentences use do not (don't) or for he/she/it use does not (doesn't).They don't like ice cream. He doesn't like ice cream.

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