Do donuts contain vitamins?


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there is not vitamins in donuts

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usually vitamins contain vitamins. read the label

No, bananas contain Vitamin C,Fiber, and some protien. The doughnut is packed with sugar and contains little or no vitamins.

Donuts can contain lard, and the glazing can contain gelatin. So it depends on the donut.

vitamins contain the element nitrogen.

It would depend on what juice it is. Not all contain the same vitamins

donuts do have gluten unless it is titled gluten free Try Kinnikinnik brand for Donuts. They are very good.

yes, donuts contain sugar, making it a "sweet food".

No, But vegetables contain vitamins as well as many other needed nutrients.

Carrots contain Vitamins A ans B.Tomatoes contain Vitamin C.Raw papayas and raw bananas contain Vitamins A and B.Cabbages contain Vitamins A and E.Apples contain most of every vitamin.vitamin b and c

Vitamins themselves do not contain fibre but some vitamin tablets add fibre.

Herbs ARE not vitamins; they may CONTAIN some vitamins (especially if they are fresh).

Pure water does not contain any vitamins.

they contain vitamins and minerals

Contrary to popular belief.... Vitamins do not contain energy (or kilocalories)

There are a few birth control pill brands that contain iron or folic acid, but most contain no vitamins.

Most of the fruit juices contain many vitamins like A C E . but the storage of juices for a long time can destroy the vitamins.

strawberries contain vitamin C

Pumpkins contain vitamin A and potassium.

They contain essential vitamins and nutrients for the body.

bread contain vitamin e

Chicory is a type of coffee flavoring or essence. It appears that Dunkin' Donuts coffee does not contain chicory and that it is made from 100% Arabica coffee.

Nordic Natural's supplements contain omega 6 and vitamin d3 in there vitamins. These are for those who lack these specific vitamins in their daily diet.

no there are no vitamins in alcolhol but sometime people wish there were lol =)

Vitamins contain carbon, oxygen, hydrogen

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