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They feed on a variety of insects including caterpillars, flies, bees and butterflies. The larger the dragonfly the larger insect they choose to eat.

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Do dragonflies eat other dragonflies?

Yes, dragonflies do eat other dragonflies.

Could a dragonfly eat a caterpillar?

The cycle of life, and food chain is interesting. Yes, Some dragonflies do indeed eat caterpillars, amongst many other insects.

What will eat a butterfly?

Birds will eat butterflies. Also hornets will lay their eggs in caterpillars. Ants, wasps, flies, snakes, toads, preying mantis, frogs, dragonflies, lizards, cats, monkeys and spiders will eat butterflies. Some will eat only the eggs, others the caterpillars, and the rest will eat the adults.

Do dragonflies eat slugs?

No, dragonflies do not eat slugs.

Do dragonflies eat leaves?

No. Dragonflies eat other insects.

Do caterpillars eat other caterpillars Not people diets?

no caterpillars dont eat other caterpillars or people they eat plants and protein.

What do pink caterpillars eat?

Caterpillars eat plants

Do hawks eat caterpillars?

hawks eat caterpillars

Why do dragonflies eat grass?

Dragonflies are carnivores, they don't eat plants!

Do dragonflies eat worms?

No. Dragonflies eat only flying insects.

Do dragonflies eat plants?

No, dragonflies are carnivores and eat other insects.

Will dragonflies eat leaves?

Dragonflies only eat other insects.

Does a dragonflies eat fruit?

No dragonflies eat bugs and mosquitoes.

Do dragonflies eat apples?

Dragonflies do not eat apples, they eat mosquitoes and other insects.

What is a dragonflies prey?

frogs eat dragonflies

Do frogs eat dragonflies?

Yes! Frogs DO eat dragonflies. In fact, they find dragonflies very tasty. Yes

What does a cape sable seaside sparrow eat?

feed on insects like grasshoppers, spiders, moths, caterpillars, beetles, dragonflies, wasps, worms, and shrimp. They also eat grass and sedge seeds

Do caterpillars eat mosquitoes?

yes, caterpillars do eat mosquitos

Do tigers eat caterpillars?

No , tigers don't eat caterpillars

Do caterpillars eat dandelions?

caterpillars usually eat small leaves such as grass. sometimes caterpillars could eat dandelions.

Do beetles eat caterpillars?

yes! beetles eat caterpillars because caterpillars cannot eat beetles because they are softer and smaller so, beetles some do it caterpillars.

Do mice eat caterpillars?

Yes mice eat caterpillars Cj7744

What do baby baby caterpillars eat?

Baby caterpillars eat leaves.

what certain plants do dragonflies eat?

Dragonflies are purely carnivorous, they eat smaller insects.

What don't caterpillars eat?

Most Caterpillars eat leaves, although many eat other substances. Some moth caterpillars, for example, eat wool.