Do earthquakes cause volcanoes to erupt?


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i think so because if a earthquake is close to a volcano the the shaking from a earthquake will put a crack in the volcano lava chamber and then the volcano erupt.

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Earthquakes can cause a volcano to erupt.

the tectonic plates in the ground cause volcanoes to erupt. Also they cause tsunamis and earthquakes to.

Earthquakes, volcanoes to erupt, mountains, etc...

they all have to do with waves like seismic waves and surface wave. Also underwater earthquakes cause tsunamis and usually volcanoes produce earthquakes when they are about to erupt

Undersea volcanoes that erupt.

The tectonic plates, cause anything such as tsunami's, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.

No. Volcanoes can cause earthquakes, but they are not caused by earthquakes. Both volcanoes and earthquakes are commonly found at plate boundaries

Earthquakes and Volcanoes are similar because when they erupt or begin the place shakes where ever it is.

Maybe, as seismic movement may cause magma to push up into the volcano core and build up so much it causes the volcano to erupt.

No but volcanoes often trigger earthquakes.

is it because there is no earthquakes that area

Sometimes it can, but not necessarily always.

No, but they are very related. Tectonic plates shift which could cause earthquakes because of the strong vibrations and could also cause the pushing up of magma, causing the volcano to erupt.

Occurence of tremors, earthquakes, gasseous emission and landslides.

In most cases, neither. Most earthquakes are the result of plate tectonics and most volcanoes form from plate tectonics as well, but one does not usually cause the other. However, volcanoes can and do cause earthquakes, espcially if they are getting ready to erupt. On rarer occasions, earthquakes have been suspected of triggering volcanic eruptions.

*volcanoes Earthquakes and vOlcanoes can cause much damage among an area if it's shaken to pieces.

Earthquakes are caused by a sudden surge of magma from the Earth's mantle

Earthquakes and Volcanoes are not the same. However a volcanic erruption can cause small, local earthquakes.

Volcanoes and earthquakes are similar but different at the same time. Similarities: *Caused by tectonic plate movement *Usually cause a lot of damage *Almost always very dangerous Differences: *When an earthquake happens it can literally make a volcano erupt *Cause different types of damage EX: Volcanoes burn stuff and earthquakes destroy it *Vary in sizes

when the plates move, they can form volcanoes and cause earthquakes.

Volcanic eruptions cause local earthquakes but volcanoes do not have a direct connection to ALL earthquakes.

Convergent and divergent tectonic plate boundaries cause volcanoes. Both these and transform boundaries can cause earthquakes.

Volcanoes can cause Earthquakes under both land and sea, but they are not the primary cause. Most earthquakes are caused by the shifting of Earth's tectonic plates.

when they move they cause a volcano to erupt

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