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Electronics would not affect the way lightning strikes.

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When big buildings get hit by lighting strikes why don't they burn down?

Or technology is very advanced that the structures are reinforced internally. We also have lightning rods, which attracts lightning and is a safe way to prevent lightning strikes

What is the best way to dodge lightning in Mario kart ds?

you will need a star or a bullet bill to dodge lightning...and use the item before the lightning strikes

What happens when lightning strikes a boat?

Sometimes the damage from a lightning strike to a boat is minimal and sometimes it is catastrophic. There is no exact way of knowing in advance.

What is lightning what happens when it strikes?

Lightning is the flow of electrons attempting to equalize static charges - usually between clouds or between a cloud and ground. What happens when it strikes depends totally on the path it takes. Anything that gets in its way is likely to be damaged.

How does Captain Marvel shoot lightning?

He just does that's his power. He yells SHAZAM, and the magical lightning comes down and strikes him, but i fhe moves out of its way, it can be used as a weapon.

When lightning hits a tornado does it spin?

A tornado spins regarless of whether it is being hit by lighting. Lightning will not affect a tornado in any observable way. The lightning itself will not spin, but the plasma may be swept along by the wind. If the linking has multiple strokes, it may appear to consist of several parallel bolts in a phenomenon called ribbon lighting, which occurs when lightning strikes in the presense of strong winds.

How is lighting a physical change?

when lighting strikes the lightning dosnt stay the way it ws it dissapears away and it moves some where else and when it moves it changes its shape that is why lightning is a physical change

What happens to a fish when lightning strikes the ocean?

If it's real close, the fish can die. If it's further way, it's safe.

If lightning strikes an outdoor television antenna what will be the effect on the coaxial cable?

*Lightning carries a current and has way too many volts for your t.v/phone/computer/etc. to handl and that is why they short circuit.

Do plants conduct elecricity?

AnswerPlants have a certain amount of water or sap in them and could possibly conduct electricity.IN ADDITION:When lightning strikes the top of a tree and the lightning makes its way all the way to the ground, I would definitely say yes they do.

Where did the expression out of the blue come from?

The full expression is: like a (lightning) bolt from the blue, meaning the rare instance of a bolt of lightning that strikes a long way from its cloudy source, seemingly out of a clear blue sky.

How do airplanes survive lightning strikes?

Most airplanes can survive lightning strikes due to their thick strong skin and high altitudes. Airplanes are very safe to fly and they get rid the waste of human lives because they are extremely well maintained and cannot break into pieces that easily. Airplanes only take 4 to 7% damage of lightning strikes and they can also handle as much turbulence than you think. Airplanes are over-built with several layers of thick and strong skin, with very strong illuminum skin and with very strong titanium skin (with more than 5 layers). Airplanes can handle more than 150% damage of lightning strikes and they are not very easy to damage. It is like taking an assault rifle and try to fire at an airplane, airplanes can take more than assault rifle 40 bullets without even crashing. A lot of airplanes can fly high above clouds, that is another way for airplanes to survive lightning strikes. Lightning strikes can only be caused by clouds below (it is impossible for lightning strikes to be caused by clouds above) but airplanes have abilities to fly higher above all clouds! - - - - - Uhh..you described a tank, not an airplane. Airplanes survive lightning strikes in several ways. The most important is the plane's outer skin (there's only one and it's usually made from aluminum) has no gaps. This keeps the lightning on the outside of the plane. They also make the skin over the fuel tanks very thick so it can't be burned through, and shield the wiring so lightning won't destroy it. The best way for an airplane to survive a lightning strike is not to fly into a thunderstorm.

How does a lightning conductor protect buildings from lightning?

When a lightning strikes the building, it will preferentially strike the rod and be conducted harmlessly to the ground through the wire, instead of passing through the building. The rod discharges the high voltage current into the earth and in this way the buildings are protected from being electrocuted.

Does lightning hit in the same place twice?

Answer #1:Yes it does, that's why people install metal sticks on house roofs. in that waylightning makes it in the same place.====================================Answer #2:An old legend says that "Lightning never strikes twice in the same place". But thetruth is that if you're a tall building or a radio tower, then lightning can easily strikeyou hundreds of times.

What happens if lightning strikes galvanized metal?

To the metal? Not much, it will conduct through the metal then jump to the next conductor on its way to ground. Might be a burn at the entry/exit points.

How do power failures affect an iMac?

The same way they do any other piece of electronics. On the Mac a power failure will do no harm.

How did the lightning rod change the world?

By preventing dangerous lightning strikes on tall buildings, the lightning rod encouraged the multi-story buildings (and later skyscrapers) that eventually appeared in most major urban areas. Importantly (but not in a world-changing way), they also prevented many rural fires caused by lightning igniting wooden barns full of hay and straw.

How far away is the thunderstorm if there is 20 seconds between each lightning strike?

This doesn't really make sense because there is no specific time span between lightning strikes. The only thing I can say is that if the lightning is brighter, than it is no more than three miles way from where you are currently. And I'm not talking about altitude either.

Was there electricity in the 1800s?

No there wasnt 2nd Answer: Of course there was electricity. Static electricity, lightning, and so on. Lightning strikes often started dry wood on fire . . . the people would pick up burning pieces of wood, and save them in a certain way to start campfires later on.

Is lightning more likely to strike an electrical adjustable bed than a regular one?

Lightning does not normally strike a house, penetrate its outer layer (the roof) and go through the air to a particular object inside the house. If it does strike the house it tends to divert along conductive paths, such as telephone, electric or cable TV wiring or copper rain gutters or metal plumbing or even the foil on the wall insulation. The common scenario when lightning strikes a house is that the energy from the lightning strike travels along the conductive paths, like the house wiring, and find its way to the ground. Along the way it can damage appliances in the house that are plugged in at the time. This could include the electric bed. Many a TV and VCR have been damaged this way. They can be damaged even when the lightning strikes a thousand feet away from your house. As for whether you would be injured by being in the electric bed when the lightning strikes, only God would know. About 2 weeks ago a teenager was on the toilet bowl when the house was struck by lightning. He felt it but was unharmed.

How do electronics affect the ozone layer?

By not affecting it in any way. The manufacture of electronic devices might affect the ozone layer, if that manufacture releases free radicals or freon (chloroflurocarbons) into the atmosphere ... free radicals destroy ozone. However, electronics themselves have no impact on the ozone layer.

What happens when lightning strikes fresh water?

The way i understand lightning is that is searches for the highest point of ground and water is affected by gravity so to me that says lightning should never hit Fresh water unless the waters charge has been changed and is a massive conductor May i remind you im not smart just telling it how i see it Crazey_Eyez

What is the electricity in lightning?

it is the kenetic energy produced by water molecules rubbing against each other that's also why lightning is hot because of the molecules rubing together and heating up Electric charge is not kinetic energy. Lightning is Electrostatic charge finding its way back to earth, from where it originally came. The electrical energy is converted to heat in the materials it strikes.

What are scientists doing to prevent lightning?

I'm not aware of anything that can be done to prevent or reduce the amount of lightning in a storm, and I doubt much success at all could have had with that given the physics of it. All that can be done is make things safer on the ground - keep people safer and keep electronics more out of the way.

What are the dangers of flying in a lightning storm?

if you're in a plane, there's no need to worry because it wouldn't affect you in any way if you're inside of it. . .but if you're in a glider, if i were you i would pray to all the gods that i know that a lightning doesn't strike me. . .

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