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Yeah, they can be with any girl they want to be with.

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โˆ™ 2012-07-13 12:46:20
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Q: Do emo boys get with normal girls?
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Are there more emo boys or girls?

boys. but emo girls that aren't Mexican are hotter then the guys. (in my opinion!) ;o

Do emo boys like Mexican girls?

i am not sure but the emo boys i know don't like Mexican girls but some emo boys might feel a different way.

What do emo girls like from emo boys?

I believe that emo girls are attracted to emo boys because they are similar in interests. And maybe they see the emo boy as a "bad boy"Yeas, I'm emo girl. And I love emo boys because they are so emotional!

Do all emo boys or girls worship emo gods?

No, they do not. Emo boys and girls all worship the gods that everyday people do. They are no different. is there even an emo god? dud. i am sorry, but what type of question is that.^_^

Do emo boys like Punk girls?

They sure do. The problem though, is that punk girls are a bit too hardcore for the sensitive hearts of emo boys.

What do emo girls look for in a boy?

They look for boys?

Do emo girls like normal guys?

Chances are; these girls became emo to get guys in the first place.

Why do emo boys kiss each other?

Emo Boys usually kiss each other to get girls they like to notice them.

Do emo boys like emo girls?

Generally yes, but not all emo boys go out with emo girls, depends if they care more about there image than anything else. (Being emo myself and going out with an emo guy I know a lot of emos who only care about image) x

Are emo girls hot?

Very Hot Indeed..xD But Gay Emo BoyS Are Hotter!

What are emo boys into in a girl?

They just want that girl to be emo to and not like most popular girls.

Are emo girls more cute than normal girls?

No, being emo will not make a girl automatically cuter. There are emo girls who are cuter than non-emo girls and the other way round too, being emo really has nothing to do with cuteness at all.

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