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Workers comp insurance has nothing to do with family members. Workers comp insurance is an insurance policy that your employer will have on if in case you get hurt at work.

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In the United States, workers compensation insurance is administered by the individual states. If your state recognizes your domestic partner as your legal spouse (e.g., California) and you can jointly file your state tax return, then you are considered family for the purposes of workers compensation. If not, then you are not considered family unless you are related by blood, marriage or adoption.

Yes you are covered on a family members car insurance if you are driving a vehicle owned and insured by them.....

No, That's what you major medical insurance policy is for.

By referring to the family members on survival

Catholic Family Life Insurance offers competitive life insurance to those who claim to be members of the Catholic Church. This insurance will guarantee placement and order for a family member's death rites in the church if anything were to ever happen.

Some mobile home insurance companies are American Family Insurance, Progressive and All State. Farmers Insurance and State Farm Insurance also offer insurance for mobile homes.

They were foreign family members that needed money to start a new life.

The answer is in the negative. You are to opt for separate life policies for your five family members to cater their needs.

Immediate family members would not be able to change someone's life insurance beneficiary without power of attorney. The life insurance policy is a legally recognized document signed by the owner with a designated recipient.

I believe that I understand what you are asking. If I am not correct ask it again and I will try to do better. Auto insurance generally follows the vehicle and not the driver. Only the person who owns the vehicle can insure are vehicle except in a situation of an immediate family. One policy can cover members of the family even if the vehicle is in the name of other members of the family as long as they all live in the same household.

Nobody needs life insurance. It is the family members who depend on you who may need it if you die before them.

There are many firms in California that offer supplemental Medicare insurance. These include but are not limited to Blue Cross of California, Family Life Insurance Company, Genworth Life Insurance Company, Oxford Life Insurance Company and United American Insurance Company.

No, Your homeowners insurance policy is specific to the property and liabilities of the named insured(s)

Shouldn't be anything to do. Group Insurance should already do that. Maybe I don't understand your question.

After you've paid off the mortgage, whether or not you have life insurance is between you and the family members you expect to outlive you.

Whom are your family membersorWho are members of your family

Because they don't have a good house and they are not getting enough money to feed their family.

Almost any car insurance company will be able to offer you a general insurance policy at affordable rates. You should ask family, friends and co-workers for a referral to a good insurance agent in your local area.

A common question that concerns a lot of people is whether they should go for individual health insurance plans for each of the family members or go for a single family floater plan for the entire family. Under a family floater plan, the entire family shares a common pool. A family floater plan provides cover to the entire family to the extent of Sum Insured. For Compare :

yes he had a lot of family members. he had 20 family members

Small business, like any other business, must follow the laws concerning those businesses and that also pertains to workers comp insurance. Even though they are related to you, if you hire family members as employees of your business (with the standard benefits and pay as an other of your employees), I believe you must also pay workers comp for them. I am not an attorney, so I don't know for sure and suggest you consult professional advice. If they get injured on the job, you'll be glad you do and so will they. Taking chances such as skimping on workers comp insurance is just bad business and you'll probably sleep better knowing your business is protected.

The Women were responsibal for keeping the house clean, the men were the workers and the children didnt have a role

Yes, It's called a Life Insurance Policy for death, Job loss is covered in the U.S under Workers Unemployment compensation.

Family medical health insurance has a wide range of rates for depending upon the number of dependents, the age of the members of the family, as well as their health history. However for the typical family of four with that has no tobacco or alcohol use the rates range from $450 -$800.

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