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Yes they mean the same thing.

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โˆ™ 2011-03-08 23:06:28
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Q: Do fear and scared mean the same thing?
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What is some phrases of fear?

There are many phrases and words to describe fear. Scared and terrified are words that mean the same thing as fear. There are many phobias that people fear, and many activities where something bad happens can generate fear in similar activities.

What is another word that mean the same thing as scared?

Afraid. Frightened.

Is fear the same thing as panic?

No. Panic means being so scared/upset that you're no longer thinking straight. Fear, you know you're afraid, but you can still act sensibly.

What does 'elurophobia' mean?

Elurophobia - fear of felines (cats) Also, the word, ailurophobia, an mean the same thing.

Why are some animals scared of the dark?

Probably for the same reasons some humans are scared of the dark -- fear of the unknown.

Is philiphobia the same as heartbreak?

Philophobiais the fear of falling in love or being in love.&& it can mean fear of heartbreak depends on which way you take's for people who are scared to get close to anyone thus resides the fear of love.

What is the phobia of homework?

There does not appear going to school. to be a named phobia for the fear of homework. But there is a fear of work ergophobia which happens to mean the same thing =- )

Why are the vast majority of people scared of the same things?

Because everyone could be alike in fear you see fear is very common unless you get those people who are not scared of anything and most peop;le were scared of something and most were scared of the dark when younger

What cat says when they meow?

It could say a bunch of things, and it would mean the same thing.... when it is scared, meow would mean scared if scratching the place where there is food and meowing, then it wants food .............................

What is your dog scared of when he keeps looking up?

My dog does the same thing, but it doesn't mean they are scared. The dog is probably sniffing the air or looking around. As wierd as that sounds it is true.

Is a fear and a phobia the same thing?

No a phobia is much worse than a fear.

Is hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia a real word or is the word sesquippedaliophobia?

both of the words are real and both mean the same thing, a fear of long words

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