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Because everyone could be alike in fear you see fear is very common unless you get those people who are not scared of anything and most peop;le were scared of something and most were scared of the dark when younger

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Bryanna Kubisiak

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โˆ™ 2021-10-25 08:50:19
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Q: Why are the vast majority of people scared of the same things?
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Why do certain people get scared of certain things?

it is a primitive reaction in the brain that majority of people have... and since we are at the top of the food chain we have to please this area in our brain therefore we create fears and not all peoples fears are the same

Why do people get scared of the same thing?

People tend to be scared of the same things due to a human's nature instincts. Large, growling animals, for example, will signal a threat and activate a person's "fight or flight" instinct.

The majority of older people are unable to adapt to change true or false?

The majority of older people are unable to adapt to change is false. They are able to adapt the same as young people.It is false that the majority of older people are unable to adapt to change. They can adapt the same as young people.

Why do people have status quo?

Status quo just means doing things the same way and not changing things up or making ripples. People stick with the status quo because it works, and with new things we aren't ever sure if it will work as well. People do the same things with addictions. Even though we know they are hurting us, we are scared to change, because we don't know how we can adapt to the new way.

Can epileptic people write?

Yes. People with epilepsy can do the vast majority of things that anyone else can do. Epilepsy only really affects someone when they are actually having a seizure. The rest of the time they can do the same things other people do, so they most certainly can write.

How does being bullied affect people?

That person could feel unsafe,and that that bully hurt her or him just over the littlest things and that person could get scared that others could do the same thing.

Why is Nick Jonas is shy?

for the same reason everybody else is, scared what people will think of them

What does this idiom mean things people can agree on?

This is not an idiom. It means exactly what it says. Agreeing means that people perceive things in the same way and have the same opinion on it, or to consent to do what another person says. Things people can agree on are things that they can all consent to do, or that they all have the same opinion on.

Who is affected by same-sex marriage?

Nobody would really be affected by same-sex marriage. Some people are just scared to see two people of the same gender holding hands in public.

What is the same of populations of Brazil and Cuba?

In both populations, the majority of the people speak Portuguese.

Did ancient Mayan people do the same work as today?

Yes. the majority were computer programmers.

The majority of older people are unable to adapt to change?

Older people can adapt to change the same as any one else.

What is the legacy of monotheistic religions?

They all worship the same creator God, the result of which is that the majority of people on earth worship the same God.

How did people feel when their spouse went to war?

the probly felt the same as people do today. proud but scared also the wanted them to return home safe.

When do people eat in Poland?

Same things as you.

Do gay guys cook?

Gay people do the same as a majority of straight people. Gay is a sexual attraction to a male and another male.

What do people from Wales wear?

the same things that people in england wear

What young people things about old people?

They always stay the same

What do people in the southwest do for intertainment?

same things people do in the rest of the u.s.

What are the same words as afraid?


If the majority of people said the statement is true then is it true?

It depends on whether the statement is subjective (opinion) or factual (verifiable). If a majority voices the same opinion (e.g. abortion is wrong), it doesn't necessarily make it true - or false. If the same people say the earth is flat however, that is not true.

What does it mean when two people always do the same things at the same time?


Does Ireland have the same things as America?

That depends what you mean by "things". In general though, you would have the same kinds of things in terms of possessions that people have in both countries.

Do gay people like boys?

If you are asking if gay people are pedophiles the answer is that some are, but the vast majority are not. The same is true of straight people: some are pedophiles, and most are not.

What do you mean by same-same but different?

what people mean by some things are the same but not the same is that they might have the same name but differnt meaning they might sound the same and look the same but there not ex:live,live its to differnt things but spelt the same