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Some females WILL fight, so trying to keep two of them in a small space (say one or two gallons) is NOT recommended. However, with enough space they normally do just fine. This may shock you though... the same is true of the males. When the males fight, it's over territory. So keeping two together in a small environment will lead to some serious battles. Give them space - say, two or three of them in a long 30 gallon aquarium - and they do just fine. One of my favorite aquariums was a 20 gallon tall with five females (and a black ghost knife). It was highly, highly planted. It really was a gorgeous tank, and a pleasure to sit and watch.

The above responder is an idiot. In the wild, bettas live in rice patties which cover several acres EACH. a single male betta will claim roughly 300 gallons or so of that patty as its territory. so unless you have a 900 gallon pond, you should never keep male bettas together. there is not a single betta expert who will tell you otherwise. His only experience with keeping bettas together is with his five females. Betta females can live together in groups of 4 or more in tanks of 10 gallons or larger. 6 or more females is best though. see for honest information that wont wind up with you staring at dead bettas.
Females do not always get along. If you want to keep them together, you must have at least 4 in a minimum tank size of 5 gallons, with plenty of hiding spots. They will establish a pecking order. If you keep 2 together one will bully and may kill the other, and if you keep 3 you'll get two on one. 4 or more usually co-exist peacefully but it is sometimes necessary to remove a large, obnoxious bully or a small, shy fish that is always picked on and keep them alone. Female bettas are peaceful community fish because they are faster and more agile than the males. They should not be kept with baby fish or with fish large enough to eat them, or in community tanks with filters that create fast flows, however are suitable for most communities.

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Q: Do female Bettas fight
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Why do bettas fight?

bettas fight because they think the other betta is trying to take their land or female

How do you know when male bettas wants to fight with female bettas?

His gills will flare up.

Do male bettas fight the female bettas?

Yes, some times if you are not careful when trying to breed bettas, the male will attack the female and he can injure the female. The females are much smaller than the males.

Do two female fish fight?

2 female Bettas will not fight provided they are in a large enough aquarium.

How long do male and female bettas fight?

The female Betta does not fight a male, she simply gets bashed until she dies. A male Betta MUST NOT be kept with any other Bettas male or female.

Will a male and female betta attack together?

Only male Bettas fight and they will only fight with other male Bettas. A male Betta will kill the female if she will not spawn with him. He will also kill her after she has spawned if she is not removed.

Why don't female bettas fight the male bettas?

Females are extremely calm and docile. They are not as violent as male bettas, and hide at the site of a male (unless they are mating). They are also smaller than males, so they will not fight.

How should you situate a male and female betta fish?

Male and female bettas will not normally fight each other; males will fight other males. The attached link below is a page with great information on the breeding of bettas.

Why do male bettas fight?

because it is territory or maybe if they both want to mate the same female they will fight and the winner goes to the female if she allows it

What if my two female fight?

female bettas shouldn't be fighting each other put them in separate tanks

Do bettas fight for weman?

yes bettas do fight for the woman that is y u only puts one male and one female in a tank together. but no more than one male.

How do stop betta fish from fighting?

Always keep betta fish in a separate tank,female bettas and male bettas will fight just like male bettas. Keep a group of 4 to 5 betta then they probably won't fight

What happens if you put a male Betta fish with a female Betta Would they kill or fight with each other?

You can NOT keep female and male bettas together! Male bettas can get very aggressive and will fight to the death. Make sure to separate your bettas.

Do girl betta fight each other?

NO female bettas do not fight each other

What happens if you put two Bettas in the same tank?

1 male and 1 female will breed, 2 males will fight until 1 is too injured to continue and eventually 1 dies, 2 females, they will still fight. If you have at least 6 female bettas, they won't fight. If you have less than 3, they will fight.

Do female and male bettas kill each other?

No. Male Bettas will kill a female if either she will not spawn with him, or if she is left in his tank after he has spawned her. Male Bettas can not be kept with other Bettas, male or female.

Do female bettas get alog with males?

No, they will fight unless they are breeding. After breeding however the fighting will resume.

Will female and male bettas fight if you are not trying to breed them?

they will breed anywy and fighting is in the process of them mating.

Do male bettas get along with female bettas?

No, not at all.

Female betta and a male betta and they keep fhigting?

All bettas will fight each other, male or female. Always keep them separated.

Do bettas kill guppys?

Bettas will eat baby guppys as will most other fish, but in general, male Bettas will only fight with other male Bettas. They do not fight with other species of fish

Can female bettas be put with other female bettas?

Yes,but those betas can not have baby's together!

Can female baby betta be with another female baby betta?

Yes. Female bettas of all ages can live safely with other female bettas. Female bettas, unlike males, are not violent. Actually, they are quite docile and calm.

Will two female betta's fight if there is already a dominant fish in the tank?

With or without a dominant fish in the tank two female bettas shouldn't fight. It's only the male of the species that fights.

Do betta fish fight with other breeds of fish?

No. Male Bettas only fight with other male Bettas.

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