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All turtles need to have mated in order to lay eggs, unlike birds who will lay infertile eggs, turtles won't.

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Is the male or female slider turtle larger during mating?

Female turtles, regardless of "breed", are generally the larger of male or female.

Do female red ear slider turtles fight?

Well it depends if they are fighting for dominance or you may be mistaking them for mating. Love, Anonymous

Why does a yellow slider male turtle shake his nails in front of him?

I know Red Eared Slider Turtles do that before mating. Males do it to females.

How do red ear slider turtles have a baby?

After mating, the female lays her eggs in a hole she digs out in soft soil near the water. When the eggs hatch, the young make for the water.

What are the diffences between male and female slider turtles?

male turtles usually have a slight indent on the stomach shell to enable tem to mount the female more easlyA female turtle does not have a tail in the back, but a male turtle does have a tail in the back. Below: THIS IS FOR RED SLIDER TURTLES ONLYA FEMALE SLIDER WILL HAVE A SHORTER TAIL AND CLAWS. AMALE WILL HAVE LONG CLAWS AND TAIL.

Do red eared slider turtles mate?

Yes. A male and female RES turtle will mate and the female will lay eggs.

If I have a male and a female slider turtle do I need to be concerned that they will have babies?

Red-eared slider turtles usually can only breed successfully if they have hibernated before, and turtles kept in tanks rarely hibernate. There is a miniscual chance your turtles will breed if they have not hibernated.

Can two slider turtles live together?

can two slider turtles live together?

How long do slider turtles live?

slider turtles can live for 40 years if they are well taken care of.

What is the most common type of turtle for a pet in the US?

it's the Red-Eared Slider (on PCH) Box turtles and slider turtles.

When do red eared slider turtles bask?

Red eared slider turtles bask though out the day. There is no specific time that they prefer.

Do red slider turtles have teeth?

No turtles have teeth. They all have beaks.

How do you fertilize your red eared slider turtles unfertilized eggs?

Without access to a laboratory for artificial insemination, eggs must be fertilized by a male turtle. Once the eggs are laid by the female, they can't be fertilized.

How do you tell which red-eared slider turtle is a female and which one is a male?

For Red Eared Turtles a female has short nails and a male as long sharp nails.

Can a goldfish live with 2 red ear slider?

Red ear slider turtles will eat goldfish. This is a natural food source for the turtles.

How can you tell if your red eared slider turtle is a male or female?

Masculine turtles usually:* have (slightly) concave plastron * have a bigger tail

How can you tell whether a red eared slider is male or female?

Masculine turtles usually:* have (slightly) concave plastron * have a bigger tail

Can eastern painted turtles breed with box turtles?

No, only the same breed of turtles can mate. Except sub breeds, like the Yellow Belly Slider and Red Eared Slider. And the Mud and Musk turtles.

Does that sliders turtles have red on its head?

The red eared slider does, but the yellow bellied slider does not.

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