Do filmmakers attempt to influence your beliefs through a story?

Yes in some cases. Broadway Playwrights have done similar. one can come up with interesting political asides, in an anti-war context in the broader fabric of a so-called musical comedy (Sound of Music) race-mixing has long been uses as a controversial plot device again by Rogers and Hammerstein. Many people are turned off by this sort of propaganda, however slick.l and it usually doesn"t work out in practice, the anti-war murmurings in S/o/M are juvenile and based mainly on separation angst, not possible war damage and death in battle- the play has anti-war elements sans Gunplay or air raid sirens! Up to a point Police officers are shown in a negative light, in the film religious sisters disable an SS staff car, which simply could not happen in real life. a family on the Lam= not on my watch. Films which attempt to alter the beliefs or ideas of the audience are sometimes called Message Movies- some will attack immoral habits- one called being in automobiles with Boys or a similar title.and so it goes, to me that stuff is NOT entertainment but propaganda. Love your Neighbor or Christian endeavor belongs in the church, not the cinema. Fun is fun and preachment something else. Amen!