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If there is any real close to the point of impact, they may die. Further out, they're OK:

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What happens to a fish when lightning strikes the ocean?

If it's real close, the fish can die. If it's further way, it's safe.

If lightning strikes the ocean can the fish die?

If there are any real close to the point of impact, they may die. Further out, they're OK.

What happens to fish if lightning strikes the ocean?

If they're close enough to the point of impact , they may die. Further out, not much happens.

If lightning strikes a lake will the fish die in it?

No. The water conducts the current to earth and the fish are not harmed.

When lightning strikes the sea do all the fish die?

No. If all the fish died, there would be no fish. Some fish unlucky enough to be too close, however, may die.

Impact on fish by lightning?

Not much really. A few unhappy creatures who are too close to lightning strikes may die, but that's about it.

When lightning strikes the the sea why don't all the fish die?

Before a lightning strike, a charge builds up along the water's surface. When lightning strikes, most of electrical charge occurs near the water's surface. Most fish swim below the surface and are unaffected.

Can fish die if lightning strikes?

If the point of impact is close enough - sure. Further away they're safe.

Do fish die from lightning strikes?

If they're real close to the point of impact - yes. Further away, they're safe.

Do fish die when lightning hits the ocean?

If they're real close to the point of impact, fish can die. But outside the immediate range, they're safe.

Will you die if you get hit by lightning?

maybe. many people survive lightning strikes.

Why is it when lightning strikes the sea no fish die?

Any fish close enough to the strike point may well die, but the effect is very local. Some distance apart, and nothing happens.

When lightning strikes do electric eels die?


If lightning strike ocean will fish die?

If they're close enough to the point of impact - sure. Otherwise - no.

If lightening strikes a pond do the fish die?

No they do not die.

Why don't all fish die when lightning hits the sea?

Some fish actually do die, if they are unfortunate to swim near where the lightning strikes. However, the electricity from the bolt of lightning is dispersed through the water only over a short distance. When lightning strikes the ocean, there is not enough electric current to lethally charge the worlds water supply, so most fish are safe. ----------- First of all, some fish do die. However the electricity dissipates (becomes weaker from the electricity spreading out) and there are a lot of fish in the oceans but there is so much water for them to be in. Have you heard the rumor that animals know when a storm is coming? A lot of them can tell by slight changes in the atmosphere such as pressure, temperature, and humidity. ---------- When water is struck, the power is transferred through millions of gallons of water to the ground and very limited amounts in comparison would affect fish. The fish may still feel a shock at a certain distance, especially due to their very sensitive lateral line, but it most likely would not cause any harm. --------- The short answer is that the effects of a lightning strike are very local, and anything outside the immediate range will be unharmed. -------- Since the lightning has to travel all the way to the ocean floor then the shock is not as strong as if the fish were in the air and the lightning struck them.

What happens to the fish if the ocean is struck by lightning?

If it's real close to the point of impact, it may die. Further out it'll be safe.

What is does it mean when lightning strikes your home?

It means that you got lucky u didn't die

Do fish get electrocuted if lightning strikes water?

Depends on how close they are to the strike. If they're real close, they can die. A bit further out and they get stunned or injured. Even further and they're entirely unaffected.

Why do you not take shelter under an umbrella with a metallic head during lightning?

because lightning atracts metal. so if lightning strikes your umbrella and you are touching the metal you may DIE.

What happens to the fish when lightning strikes water?

If they're real close to the point of impact they may die. Further out, they can get stunned or injured. Yet a bit further away, nothing seems to happen.

Do fish die when the ocean gets stuck by lightning?

If they're really close to the strike point - yes. If they're some distance away, they're unharmed.

Why dont fish in a pond die from lightning?

they swim at the bottom

When lightnig strikes the sea why do not all the fish die?

Because the sea is deep. But some fish get zapped.

Why is it not safe to swim in a pool during a storm?

its not safe because if lightning strikes the pool then you will get electrocuted and die