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Do fish need light at night?

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no they do not need light they need sleep.

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Do tetras need the light on at night?

No! Fish need their sleep!

Do betta fish need a light at night?

no it dosent

Do tropical Tetra fish need light at night?

I dont think so

Do tiger barb fish need light at night?

Hey there, Tiger barbs dont need a light on at night. Freshwater fish should have a break from the light at night, it helps them stay in tune with day and night and there fore promotes a healthy fish. Remember that the more u can make ur tank feel like a natural habitat the happier the fish, coz they all have that instinct in them. And they will feel more at home :o) Got any more questions? message me at . Cheers!

Do fish need lighting at night?

no they do not

Can fish stay out of light?

yes fish can say out of light because they do not need it lo live

Do goldfish need light at night?

Of course not, They dont need light as much as we do!

Does a light in a betta's fish tank affect his sleep?

Turn off the light at night. He can not sleep with it on.

Can you use a black light on your fish at night?

Yeah that would be fine

Does your fish tank need a light?

Well, no but they are a lot better with them. For your fish, not for show, if you have gold fish, if you don't put a light in they will go silver. This is because of the lack of light.

Do chickens need light at night?

Chickens do not need light at night. If the chicken coop is really noisy after dark, a yard light will help calm the birds down.

Do cold water fish need light?

Unless they are blind cave fish, which have no eyes, fish need light. You want a light om an aquarium so you can see the fish to best advantage. It does not need to be a special aquarium light, if a room is light enough for you to move around in, it is light enough for the fish, regardless of temperature. A weird thing may happen if the light comes from the side. Fish orientate themselves to light more than gravity. With strong side lighting they will swim tilted, sometimes almost completely on there sides.

Do ladybugs need light at night?


Can you turn off the light in your fish tank at night?

yes you can it does no harm at all

How long do you have to leave fish tank on?

From what i know as long as there is no alge in your water you can leave the light on in the day and like my tank put a night light on at night and turn it off when you go to bed the fish do like some dark :)

Do betta fish like sun?

Well, Yes and no. Betta do like LIGHT to be able to distinguish night and day, they also need the warmth, but you can use a heater. betta fish do need light, but it is not good to keep a betta in direct sunlight as it may increase the temperature byy far too much. so just keep it in light at day, or get a lamp.

Do you have to have a lite for a fish?

if you have a tropical fish or a filtered tank than yes you do need a light

Do betta fish like light?

they can not be in direct sunlight, but a little light is good.My beta fish Red Fish loves his little lamp on his shelf. I think he is more active at night with his lamp and music on

How many hours a day do tropical fish need to be in light?

The tropical day is near to 12 hours as is the night. The nearer the equator, the closer it is to 12 hours per day and 12 hours per night.

Do fish need light to grow?

No. Many fish in the dark still grow, but it would be good to give light once in a while.

When does a plant grow the most night or day?

Beacuse they need light to grow and wen it is night they dont get light and in the day they do

Can you buy aquarium algae?

No need. Algea feeds from light. Just leave your aquarium light on longer and it will grow pretty quickly. Just be sure to turn your light off some to offer your fish a normal day/night cycle.

Do red eared sliders need light at night?

No, as long as their environment doesn't get cold, they don't need light at night. Treat them like how they would live in a natural environment: total darkness at night.

Do betta fish need a light?

Betta fish do not require a specific light over top their tank or bowl, and are fine with ambient room lighting. However, to see your fish's colors fully you will need a light.

Do aquariums need lights at night?

No - fish like to sleep, too!