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Do fleas bite feet?

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Fleas bite and could produce disease to people.

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Do fleas bite people?

yes, fleas bite people as well as dogs and cats

Do dog fleas bite people?

Yes, fleas bite people and not just dogs.

Do snow fleas bite?

No, snow fleas do not bite. They are harmless. They are also known as springtails.

What causes a guinea pig to bite his own skin and feet?

Fleas or a bacterial infection of the skin.

Do water fleas bite?


Do fleas sting?

no, but they do bite.

How do you get Yersinia pestis?

Fleas bite rats, then fleas bite you and then you have Yersinia pestis. It causes a disease called plague.

Do fleas bite humans?

Yes. Yes they do, but only animals can get fleas.

Can cat fleas bite people?

there is no such thing as cat fleas, there are just fleas, and yes of course they can bite people, you will notice because you have little itchy red bumps

Does frontline kill fleas that don't bite?

All fleas bite that is how they get their food, and yes frontline will kill any flea.

How do fleas protect themselves?

they bite you!

What fleas do to a dogs butt?

bite it

Can fleas bite genitalia?


Can you get fleas?

Fleas can bite humans, but they cannot survive on human blood. Therefore, humans cannot, themselves, get fleas.

Why would fleas bite humans?

Fleas are parasites and they suck blood from mammals. We are mammals.

Do water fleas bite humans?

Yes they do.

Did the fleas in the black plague bite humans?

Yes. One of the peculiar characteristics of the Black Plague is that it blocked the digestive system of the infected flea. As a result, the fleas starved. The starving fleas were far more likely to bite than healthy fleas.

What do fleas do to dogs?

Fleas bite your dog which will irritate your dogs skin and may cause an infection.

Do cat fleas die after leaving the cat if their no more cats?

No, fleas will live in your home and bite people instead. Your home will need to be treated for fleas if a fleas are seen!

Were rats and fleas infected in the 15th century?

The rats were infected with fleas. The fleas were infected with diseases that were transmitted to people by thr bite of the flea.

Do snow fleas get on people or pets and do they bite?


Why does a hamster bite itself?

It is itchy, possibly it has fleas.

How do bedbugs bite?

peirce the skin like fleas

Your dog is on advantage for fleas do the fleas have to bite your dog for them to die?

I think so. That's what it says and that's what I hear, my room has a little fleas left, so I'm thinking if I have my dog with advantage sleep in my room, maybe the fleas will bite the dog and die. Hopefully this will work... :/

Do fleas bite people too?

yes, they bite anything with hair/fur. lice on the other hand bite only people.

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