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Foxes can eat larvae, but only if they are starving. They will usually go for larger rodents and mammals.

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No, foxes do not eat other foxes.

Foxes primarily eat prairie dogs.

dragonfly larvae eats mosquito larvae.

No, foxes do not eat humans.

No, foxes do not eat themselves.

No, foxes do not eat elephants.

No, but foxes will eat chickens.

Butterfly Larvae are typically called "caterpillars" and they eat foliage.

yes. foxes do eat skunks

yes!foxes do eat rabbits

No foxes dont eat deer.

yes foxes do eat grasshoppers :)

No. There are no species of kangaroos which eat foxes.

Yes, foxes will eat rabbits.

Yes, foxes will eat grouse.

No. Foxes and coyotes are too big for rattlesnakes to eat.

Fish eggs are not eaten by dragonfly larvae. Dragonfly larvae eat small fish, very small fish and tadpoles. They do not eat fish larvae. A lot of fish eat the larvae out of there own nests.

There is no such thing as black foxes - they are red foxes but with a black coat, therefore they eat what red foxes eat.

Damselfly larvae eat worms and small Gambuzia (small fish).

Ant larvae look like maggots. They can eat small pieces of insects that are brought to them by worker ants. Others will eat other ant larvae.

No, Kittiwakes eat marine organisms and do not eat foxes.

Arctic foxes and red foxes will kill and eat ermine occasionally.

Red foxes eat primarily meat.

Yes, foxes will eat partridges, if they can catch them.

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