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No. They are dead and do not reanimate.

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Q: Do frozen shrimp reanimate when thawed?
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Can you refreeze frozen shrimp after it has thawed?


How long can you keep frozen shrimp in the refrigerator?

After they are thawed, 3 to 5 days.

Is it safe to cook thawed popcorn shrimp?

No, its not safe because anything thawed other than beef, pork, and chicken, have to be throw on frozen

Can frozen shrimp that has been cooked be frozen again?

re freezing food stuffs can be done , but the quality will not be good. Once something is frozen and thawed it should be eaten if not give to the animals . Crows love shrimp!

Can you refreeze thawed shrimp?

No! Once thawed, you cannot safely refreeze shrimp.

Can stuffed shrimp be baked while still frozen?

Yes but cook at a slightly lower temperature for about ten minutes. The entire cooking time will be double that of thawed shrimp

Can shrimp be refrozen after thawed?


Do you store thawed shrimp in water in the fridge?

Thawed shrimp is stored in a drip container with chipped ice on top of the shrimp to allow draining

How long does shrimp stay good for if they were frozen then thawed?

Depends on the temperature of their thawed condition in the fridge and if they were perfect before going into the freezer. Three or four days maybe. If they small bad - they are bad.

Can you freeze shrimp cocktail?

Yes. I love to freeze things. This product is easily frozen and can be thawed out in the frige for easy using. It will not harm the sauce.

Are frozen foods heavier than thawed foods?

No. A frozen food item will have the same mass as when it is thawed.

If you freeze an animal does it come back to life?

Very few types of animals can be frozen and then reanimate once thawed. The Wood Frog is one example. And many animals can survive, and even thrive, in freezing weather without "freezing". But most animals die if they are frozen solid.

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