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Some girls will do it but there are others who aren't comfortable with their bodies, so it will be more difficult for them


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Depends on what the guy likes.... Some boys may like girls wearing Short skirts and tight Tops, Trendy outfits.. they may like girls that keep up with the Style as well.. Just be your self and see what he thinks.

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It depends on the person. I personal don't enjoy it! Feels like you have a wedgie all the time but some girls like it. So it just depends on the person :)

They eat candy and pose.

To be honest, a lot of girls don't enjoy sexting. They do it to please guys they like, or because they are blackmailed into it. But sometimes, girls do enjoy it, in the same way that men enjoy it.

justice is the place i perfer if you are a girl

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when you want to start wearing them

I think girls should start wearing thongs when they are 13 or older

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baptism is like the rebirth of the person, and white represents purity of the soul. at my parish the little girls,preteen and teen girls up to 17 wear the same baptism outfits as the infant girls wear only larger.they wear the white gown,bonnet,tights and shoes.for their diaper,they wear a cloth diaper with plastic pants over it under their tights.a white under shirt is also worn and tucked in to the waist of the tights.the girls symbolize their purity and innocence of an infant for their baptisms by wearing these outfits.

Boys like girls wearing tight tops and mini skirts or shorts- boys like girls showing off their figure

The girls in Argentina wear similar outfits as other girls. Long dresses are fashionable for them and most of them love to wear their bikinis at the beaches.

A Mary Jane candy bar. A Hershey (her-she) candy bar A Baby Ruth candy bar.

They're jewellery, so girls change them to match their outfits or to put more comfortable earrings in.

Some girls enjoy laser tag, just as some girls enjoy most any sport or activity. Some will not.

Girls enjoy hurting other girls, sometimes to get even or to get revenge. Some just do it for the heck of it. And there are soem girls who are upset with their own lives and decide to take it out on everyone else.

Matching Outfits. Basketball Shorts. Sometimes plaid...

the Germans traditional outfits are the dirndl (for girls) and the lederhosen (for men)

Actually Justin said that whatever the girl is wearing doesnt matter to him but only if she is comfortable then he is. So don't listen to other people, that is what JUSTIN said not anyone else. Also look up on Google : Justin bieber like girls wearing what clothes. You will find a lot of things, enjoy!

Well, I wouldn't say ALL girls like being in diapers. Just like not ALL guys like football, or wearing their hair short. Mainly, it depends on the individual. If there's a girl that likes wearing diapers, she may need it for a medical reason, or she just may enjoy it sexually, which is called a diaper fetish.

It depends what is in your collection. Outfits worn by the Spice Girls, gold discs and tour merchandise will be the things that sell for more.

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