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If they are already going out and not in inappropriate places. Dont touch private places of random girls or just dont touch random girls.

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No.You don't . Keep your hands to yourself. When you do this you are treating her like a sexual object, with no respect, and it is sexual harassment .

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Q: Do girls like feel up boys?
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Do boys ask girls who they like if they like the girl?

No, boys usually don't walk up to girls and say "Do I like you?"

Do boys like guys or girls?

Some boys like guys, but they usually get beaten up on a daily basis. Most of them like girls.

What are some things that girls want to see boys do?

you would be surprised at how much girls like to see boys' sensitive sides. especially if the boy is usually very manly. They feel special, like the boy is opening up to them or something. girls also like when boys really pay attention to them and care about what they have to say. all girls want is to be appreciated and cared for. hope this helps!

Do any girls like to dress boys up as girls?

yes. obviously.

Do girls like boys looking up their dresses?

No of course not

Why do girls like older boys?

Girls like older guys because they feel more mature, because boys in their teens tend to be less mature than girls, that being the girls want more maturity out of them so they go for the older ones. all girls have thought about dating older boys. its just how they grow up. and also becaouse older man have car and girls like that because the guy is able to move them around

Are their more girls than boys?

Yes. People often like boys than girls because when boys grow up, they could stay with their parents

Should girls dress up like boys?

Yes, if they want to.

Why boys are more fashionable then girls?

They grow up like that. They are influenced into it.

Why are girls more into fashion then boys?

They grow up like that. They are influenced into it.

Is it natural for girls to like older boys?

yes, it's perfectly normal for girls like older boys especially 2 years and up. Girls mature 2 years faster than boys, so therefore girls that are dating boys older are maturity the same age.

What do 13 year old girls like?

Boys, definatly boys, make up, nail polish, shopping and BOYS.