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They prefer them half-shaven.

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Why girls like guys privative parts shaven?

Some girls prefer that guys have their private parts shaven for sanitary reasons.

Go girls like penis?

Different girls like different penises.

Do all girls like big penises?

It doesn't matter to most girls.

Do girls like long penises?

girls do not have those now no more innapropriate questions

What do girls think of penises?

They love penise. They like them long, thick and hard because they feel so wonderful in their vaginas. some girls like penises but most of them don't like the way that a penis looks like.

Do you girls like penises cicumcised or not?

It depends on the girl. Everyone is different.

Why do guys like bigger boobs?

The same reason girls like bigger penises.

Why girls always like to cut off penis?

Girls do not have a propensity or desire to cut off penises.

Do girls suck penises?

yes girls can suck penises because it feels real good to the guys.

Do girls have penises like guys?

No, a girl's genital organ is called a vagina.

Do girls like a hairy or shaven penis more?

Hairy Totally Hairy... Hairy Dicks Turn Girls on And Make Them Want To Have Sex With You

What are girls penises called?

Girls do not have a penis, they have a vagina.

Do girls think about a dogs penis?

Girls don't think of penises much - only guys think about penises all the time.

Do girls like asian boys?

It's not a definitive 'yes' or 'no'. Some girls do, some girls don't. Some girls like feminine faces in their men, others like narrower eyes, some like beards, shaven heads, long tongues, piercings, and much more.

Why do you not have a penis?

Girls don't have penises. Girls and boys are different that way.

Do teenage girls like guys with big penises?

I don't like when guys flaunt it. We don't like when a guy likes to tell everyone about it.

What is the difference with boys and girls?

Girls have vaginas, boys have penises, and your mom has both

Why do girls have penises?

The female homologue of the penis is the clitoris

What do girls do with penises?

Suck, Lick , Stroke, Rub

Why do only girls wear panties?

They don't have penises.

How much pubic hair do guys like girls to shave?

guys like all women to be completely shaven , the majority of guys only like a lady to have hair on her head no were else

Why are boys and girls the same?

W-what the Hell? Girls have vaginas and boys have penises, dumbwad!

How do you tell the gender of a bunny?

boys have penises and girls have vaginas.

Do girls like foreskin penises?

Yea its what we born with and if she doesn't like so be it plus wash it daily in case of a smell durning oral sex

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