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Girls don't think of penises much - only guys think about penises all the time.

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What girls think of penis?

The majority of girls do not mind about the male penis. A small amount of females, most likelly sex addicts or porn stars Think that "Size Matters"

How can the penis be made tight?

think about naked girls thats what i do

Who is heart is bigger a boy or girl?

girls think with their hearts and boys think with their penis..... therefore, girls hearts are bigger

How do you get your dogs penis out?

How do I get my dogs penis hard to breed him

Do girls think penis and balls are nasty?

only if they have been in their butts.

How do you make a dog's penis knot?

Knotting a dogs penis is not taken literally it is not tying a penis in a knot it is when the dogs penis gets stuck in the dogs vagina and he begins ejaculating

Do girls think that boys penis is cute?

Um that is one weird question

Why when you think of girls your penis gets big?

because when your thinking of them you unmeaningly think of entring there vaganias and releasing yourself

Can girls take a 14 inch penis?

I think it would definitely bottom out at that length,

Why do some girls have a penis?

some girls get a sex change which gives them a penis

Do girls like a shaved penis?

I hate a hairy penis . So yeah , girls do like shaved penis .

What is the scientific name for a dogs penis?

I think its just called anpenis but im not sure .... Sorry

Can a girl tell if you have a small penis?

Most girls don't care what size your penis is. And most men who think their penis is small actually have a totally normal sized penis - see the related link below.

Do girls want big penis than small ones?

I think they don't want a very small penis, but if it is between 12 to 16 cm long, the girls will be glad. More important than the penis size is the total mastering on the loving maneuvers.

Do girls have a peins?

No girls don't have a penis...

How do you harden your penis?

The best way I could think of from a girls point of veiw is think of something that really turns you on. Or if your with a girl get her naked!!

Im 13 do girls care about the size of your penis?

No i think big 1s r delicious and yummy

Do 13 year old girls think it is better for a 13 year old boy to shave his penis?

to me, not really cause at those ages, girls shouldn't even be looking at the penis so there's no point in shaving it.

Can girls have puberty and have a penis?

Well to start unless your born with a penis you cant get one. And girls do have puberty.

How can you tell a boy apart from a girls?

I think a young man on kindergarten cop explained this to us long ago. Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina

How many girls have a penis?

This is the most funniest question ever. Now first of all girls do not hav penises secondly,I think your messing with my mind

Is it natural for a girl to have a penis?

You may be confused. Girls do not have a penis.

What is a girls penis called?

Girls don't have penises. Girls have a rudimentary organ called the clitoris which is the congruent-equivalent of the male penis although structurally it falls way short of a functional penis.

What are girls penises called?

Girls do not have a penis, they have a vagina.

What do girls find interesting?

Girls dont have a specific thing they think is interesting in a guy different girls have different interests in guys. Although they all share a common interest in the penis.

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