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If they're nice guys. And girls can like guys even if he's ugly. :)

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2010-12-17 03:03:55
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Q: Do girls like smart guys if their not bad looking?
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Is girls love boys that are dont smart?

No, some girls do but some girls like guys that are smart

Do girls like guys looking at their vagina?


What part of guys do girls like?

Their personality and thoughts and looks. You have to be appropriate, smart, caring, strong, and good looking. Your friends also have to be nice.

Why do guys take pictures of lots of girls and store them?

Errm... Guys like girls. They like looking at them a lot. Not all guys do that though.

What kind of personality do guys like?

Guys do not like trashy, whorey, bossy, nasty girls. They like smart sexy intelligent girls who have a sense of humor

Does a girl like you if she thinks your smart?

Girls like guys for all sorts of reasons and it doesn't matter sometimes if the person is very smart or not. Young girls tend to go for good looking guys (physical attraction) but remember, handsome is in the eyes of the beholder which means that she may think you are the best looking guy ever. Take the risk and ask her out.

Do guys like gothic looking girls?

Depends on the guy entirely. Some guys like goth girls, and others don't.

Do guys like smart nerdy girls?

Some do, some don't. Personally I do

Do girls not like guys who aren't good looking?

Girls like both guys who are good looking and guys who are not good looking. It depends on the girl, and the guy, and both of their personalities. A girl who doesn't care about looks can like a guy who isn't good looking but has a great personality.

What type of girls guy would want to date?

Some guys like tough and goth girlsSome like smart and sensitive girlfor me i like a girls that is smart that can sing that is sensitive and a girls that are cute

Why do guys not like proper girls?

Because proper girls are usually smart. Smart means the guys don't get what they want. They just want a dumb girlfriend because she's clueless and completely off guard. As of smart girls are more aware of their surroundings

Why do guys look at girls behinds?

because men like looking at girls behinds. it is a sexual thing. puberty will get you on that. also guys like to look at girls boobs.

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