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they get hard, the same way guy nipples do when they get turned on.

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Q: Do girls nipples change when they get horny?
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Do girls nipples get hard when she horny?

Yes they do but it does not mean that they are horny. Temperature and simulation of clothing etc. can make they get hard. It does not necessary mean she is horny. Some girls nipples are just naturally hard too.

Why do girls nipples get hard during sex?

Because their horny and so excited

Why do girls like their nipples sucked?

the girls like their nipplles being sucked because it makes them horny

When girls are horny why do they not show it as much as guys do?

no girls dontt have dicks to git boners girls just git hard nipples

Do girls nipples get hard when there horny?

unless the winter, being cold, or ice baths are a turn on to them... yes.

Does a girls boobs get hard when she is horny?

I'm guessing you are reffering to the nipples and for some women they do and for some they dont.

Why do women get horny when you touch their nipples?


What causes nipples to poke out?

when they are horny

Do girls nipples get hard when they get horny?

Yes they d o my friend so when you tsee them poking do not stoart choking.!

Why do nipples go hard?

Because your horny

Does hard nipples mean you are horny?

It can do< however there are many other reasons for this to happen. however If you dont know you are horny, then you are not horny.

Why do nipples get hard?

that's just what happens when you get horny

Do women's nipples get hard when they are horny?

Most do, but not everyone's.

Do women feel horny when their nipples get hard?


What does it mean if a guy has hard nipples?

They're horny.

What does it mean when you have tender pointy nipples?

it mean you are horny

Why do boys get swollen nipples?

because u mite be horny

How can you tell if someone is horny?

1.They will be a little too nice and very touchy feely 2.They will be extremely flirty towards the person they like 3.well if its a guy he will get hard or a girl lookat her nipples ;)well when girls get horny their nipples grow hard and u knowstand up :P

Do girls like horny guys?

girls like horny guys when girls are comfortable with their sexuality or when they are lonely and will take anything. girls only like guys that are horny when they don't creep them out by being obsessve and obnoxious because they are horny.

What happens when a man sucks on your breasts?

It turns most girls on and makes them horny. Not all girls find it as a turn on though, it depends on the girl. you don't actually suck on the breast, you stimulate her nipples.

What age can girls get horny?

Girls can get horny at any age but when they get older the will know what to do when the feeling comes to them

Why are girls horny?

they are addicted

What do girls do when they are horny?

Have sex!

Why do girls hide there nipples?

Because saMe girls are not corfortable to show there nipples

Not pregnant why does my nipples stay hard all the time?

Because you're horny?

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