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Because you're horny?

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Q: Not pregnant why does my nipples stay hard all the time?
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Could u be pregnant if your nipples are hard and sore all the time?

Assuming you are female, yes. Although these symptoms are in no way conclusive.

Are nipples supposed to be hard all the time or just when you're cold or wet?

Everyone is different. When you are young your nipples may be hard a lot of the time. As you get older your nipples tend to become hard only when you are cold, wet or sexually aroused.

Why nipples become hard some time?

They get Cold and harden.

What does it mean if your nipples are on hard all the time?

It means you're horny or have chills.

My period is two months late i am bloated but my stomach is kinda hard i have hard nipples and get tired and hungry all the time i sometimes get little headaches please help?

Take a pregnancy test. (you are most likely pregnant)

Your cat has swollen nipples but has a piercing meow all the time is she pregnant?

She may be pregnaant, if not, in heat.

Is there a chance my dog isn't pregnant just doing it one time?

yes are her nipples leaking

Could you be pregnant if your nipples burned for the first time ever while working out and you're trying to conceive?

Yes as you have tried to conceive all this time, now you may be pregnant.

How long do a dog's nipples stay swollen after heat cycle?

A dog's nipples may swell during of after her heat cycle. They can stay swollen for up to two weeks after her heat is finished. If they stay swollen longer than that, it's time to have her checked out by a vet.

How hard is it for a chihuahua to become pregnant?

Its not hard at all. When in heat they should be able to get pregnant. Sometimes on their first time they don't get pregnant. But that's rare.

What causes nipples to be hard and sore for an hour or so at a time?

Being in a cold environment can cause such a reaction.

Why your nipples feel sore?

When a girl aged 10-12 gets breasts at that time nipples feel sore because of it growth. It's natural. And when a woman is pregnant she usually feels the same.

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