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Do guppies eat snail eggs?

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If they find them they will eat them but being transparent, snail eggs are very hard to see.

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Do male guppies eat their own eggs?

Guppies are livebearers. So they don't lay eggs. Male guppies WILL eat their own baby guppies. They will eat any baby guppy they see. It doesn't matter if it's their own or some other guppies'. Male and female guppies eat baby guppies.

What are guppies natural enemies?

Guppies natural enemies are bigger fish. When guppies are eggs diffrent fish and sea creature will eat them.

If your snail lays eggs will your other fish eat the eggs or babies?

If the fish can find the eggs and/or babies they will eat them.

Where do guppies lay their eggs?

Guppies do not lay eggs as they are live bearers.

Today i found some sort of snail in my fish tank i have five guppies in my tank how did i get a snail in my fish tank?

Baby snails are almost transparent as are snail eggs. They can be brought in on plants or even in the water that you have brought fish home in.

What color of eggs do the fish guppies lay?

Guppies do not lay eggs they are live bearers

Where do snail eggs hatch?

snail eggs hatch in a nest

What color are Snail eggs?

pink is the color of the snail eggs

Do snails eat angelfish eggs?

Some species of snail certainly will if they get the chance.

What aquatic animal eats guppies?

Platypus's eat guppies!! They eat about 290000 guppies a year. As well, pigs eat guppies occasionally if they are near them.

What is the colour of the snail eggs?

- Most snail eggs are clear, but not all of them are.

Do guppies eat their baby guppies?

Yes, guppies will eat their babies. Guppies see pretty much everything as food.

Do guppies lay eggs or live young?

Guppies do not lay eggs they give birth to live young.

What fish eat snail eggs?

In the aquarium, loaches are great for snail control. Puffers do a good job as well, but I favor loaches.

What eat guppies?

most fish will even guppies will eat other guppies it is a risk all ways

Who eats guppies?

Adult guppies eat their own babies, and fish like tuna eat guppies.

Pictures of snail eggs?

Look at the link below these are Golden Apple Snail eggs.

What are snail eggs called?

I've only ever heard them called "Snail Eggs".

How do you stop goldfish from eating snail eggs?

Remove the snail eggs from the tank. Duhhh.(:

Do guppies fertilize their eggs internally or externally?

Guppies are fertilised internally they are livebearers.

Do guppies eat seaweed?

Yes, guppies do eat seaweed for as far as I know.. :)

Do guppies eat frogs?

Guppies aren't large enough to eat frogs.

Why do sharks eat guppies?

Sharks don't eat guppies. Sharks live in the Ocean, Guppies live in fresh water.

Who eat guppies?

The guppies own mother may eat her young or other fish if you have them all together. Guppies are omnivores

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