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Guys like women with big breasts, little breasts, medium breasts, and no breasts. Guys do not all share one brain, different guys like different breasts but more importantly they like the women that the breasts are attached to.

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2014-11-22 10:20:56
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Q: Do guys like girls with big breasts or little breasts?
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Do girls like guys to feel their breasts?

Generally, yes girls like for guys to feel their breasts because it feels good and stimulates them sexually. Most girls just don't like for guys to feel their breasts randomly without having a relationship with them.

Do girls like guys seeing their breasts?


Why guys like to suck girls breasts?

besause guys dont have brests . guys like beauty and 30% beauty of girls is of her brest

Do people like large breasts?

Some guys and girls do.

Why do guys only like girls with big breasts?

that's not true

Do guys prefer girls with big breasts?

Guys don't necessarily like girls with big breasts, but they are typically attracted to them. To like some one is to have actual emotional and mental attachment to a person, and big breasts don't provide any attachment of that sort.

Do guys like girls with long breasts or round breasts?

I reckon they all have different preferences. If all guys liked one type, then wouldn't all the taken girls look the same?

How do guys want girls to dress?

Guys like girls that wear a dress sometimes and we like to see a little bit

What are you if you like guys and girls in a sexual way but you like guys a little bit more?

you are a bisexual.

What girls like cute guys that crossdress?

Girls that are just a little weird.

What kind of things do guys like about girls?

Guys like girl's looks, breasts, a full buttocks, independence, confidence, someone who takes care of herself, etc.

Why do girls look hotter than guys?

girls or women have more "curves" like out breasts and our butts ;) things you can define, where as guys have their upper bodies. plus girls wear make-up which defines our facial features

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