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No, having a family is not the only reason of getting maried. Some people wanna get married just to have sex, and some guys gets married to have both sex and having a family. But the main reason and the reason that god made us for is to have a family.

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Why do guys think about guys?

The same reason guys think about girls.

Why do most married guys wear glasses?

I think your premise if flawed. Lots of married guys do not wear glasses.

How come guys never seem to understand girls?

The reason is because they think they do but they don't girls think more emotional then guys and guys don't seem to understand that.

What do guys think about most?

They think about family, money. Family includes everyone close to him, and money how to put food on the table.

Was Drake married?

No, people think him and Nicki is married but it was just a rumor. Nicki and Drake were kinding about that sorry if you guys wanted them to get married

Where did Helen Keller 's family and her live?

you guys think.

How many girls like guys bellies?

Maybe when they are married but outside of the marriage, no. And I dont think that many girls like guys "bellies".

Is the guys from the black eyed peas married?

No, the guy from the black eyed peas is not married, but not single. I think he is dating someone right now.

I think my boyfriend would make a great dad some day What do you guys think?

Wait awhile and see will he change his ways after you get married because some guys will leave you if you have a child.Only you can answer that.

How do you find your family motto?

Well... what you can do is think of how your family spends your free time and what you guys do, or like you can just make it as simple as: Yes, we are the ________ family be afraid or something, i dont know but just think a little =)

Is steven tyler married to four guys?

He says he is married to four guys because he is in Aerosmith and there are four other guys in Aerosmith.

How do married guys get some action from other women?

Some women like married men. Although personally I think its horrible to cheat on your spouse.

Why does your boyfriend like it when you sweat?

Probably cuz he think u look hott and for some reason that turns guys on

Did Selena Gomez ever get married secretly and then get a divorce?

NOWAY SHE IS 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! guys dont u think that u could only get married at age 25? No but people can get married 18 and over.

How do you make the first move on an older guy?

You didn't give us your age. Be wary of older guys. They are usually married with a family so why go there! There are plenty of guys your own age. Don't get mixed up with a married man because you'll lose!

Why do guys get moody for no reason?

because all guys are bastards!

What do guys think of?

I think guys think about sex,girls,sports,and money.

What is a clever way to tell family you are getting married?

well you go to mum and dad and say hey guys im getting married all my love is one way of saying it

You are in love with a married man and wondering if his love is true?

I think that you should leave that guy & think about someone else . Come on there are many cute guys in this world

Why do guys like to smack girls on their butts?

So, you think guys like it, its true.They do this to stimulate the girl, means, they always find a way to start action, I think you got it. Another reason, that you want to get close to the person you like.

Is lita married to two guys?

No she isn't married at all

Do guys think about girl?

Guys think about girls quite often if they are interested in them. Guys mainly think about the physical aspect of women.

Your husband and you are just married and He has lost interest what do you do?

I think that you should talk to him about it. Maybe you guys werent meant to be. Maybe you guys can work it out. Is any thing bothering him?figure it out. confront him! Pray!

When is evil monkey in family guys birthday?

I dont think they ever mentioned the evil monkys birthday on the show.

Are the members of hinder married?

no there guys