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Men are individuals and while they don't see love like women do, they certainly do love (sometimes passionately) and they hurt just as badly as a woman does if something goes wrong with the relationship. Then there are other men that wouldn't know a good relationship if it bit them and they don't care because they simply like a variety of women in their lives. You just have to take your chances and wade through the whole mess. Some young women are more inclined to date men that are moody, secretive and classify this as a wild and interesting person with problems that these girls would love to solve (tame them in other words.) The truth is, these are just young men with big problems that they haven't dealt with. A well rounded young man has some plans for the future, wants a decent education, has hopes, ambitions (doesn't have to be rich) and treats women with the respect they give him. Smart women usually like someone with a good sense of humor, loyalty, honesty and can speak on the same educational level as themselves. They like a man that is vulnerable to a point and not afraid to show it, yet tough when he needs to be. Sounds like this guy either loves women in all shapes or sizes, gets bored easily and uses women. Wishing won't make it true. Marcy

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Q: Do guys value their long-term relationships and how soon is too soon for them to have a girlfriend that is not considered a rebound?
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How long do rebound relationships based on sex usually last when both people are on the rebound?

Not very long.

Is it a rebound if you ex-bf gets back together with his old girlfriend?

It sounds as though as you may have been a rebound - yes.

Is it common for a man on the rebound to lie to his friends about his so called relationships?

Of course.

If you left your ex husband a yr ago and found a new love is it still a rebound relationship?

I don't know if a year gone by can be considered a rebound, but it may have more to do with your feelings after the breakup. Rebound relationships are usually defined as dating someone while still bouncing back from losing another person. But you left your ex-husband, so chances are, a year later, you're not on the rebound anymore. But, of course, only you would know whether you were or not.

Why do insecure people rebound in relationships?

Most times they don't like to be alone and are needy.

What should you do if you like someone they like you back but they have a girlfriend?

well your just a rebound

Do rebound relationships ever last?

do rebound relation ships work? Well i cant really say they will or they wont i can't tell the future but if its a rebound it may not work he/she might be using you to get back at you or even trying to get your money but there is a slim chance this might be love.

Your ex misses you and just got dumped by his rebound girlfriend now he is lost and keeps contacting you?

You tell him that all you want to do is be friends. because most likely you will become the new rebound.

How long does a rebound relationship last?

Most of many rebound relationships don't last as long as any normal relationship. As a matter of fact if a rebound relationship is even set up as a male being with two females or a female being with two makes while one is a rebound it could be considered as cheating. It's kind of like having a friend with benefits and still being in a relationship with another person. Once the other person your with finds out that you have a friend with benefits they may have the right to consider it as cheating. Many people think that a friend

Why would a guy talk much more to his rebound ex-girlfriend than his girlfriend who returned and you are having a child together?

teri ma ki aankh

Why did my boyfriend get back with his ex girlfriend?

It was obvious he was not over her and still wanted to be with her unfortunately you were involved in a rebound relationship with him.

My ex girlfriend got with another guy as soon as we broke up would it b a rebound or really moving on and after 2 wks she still with him n she doesnt call or txt me anymre?

Your ex-girlfriend could be in a rebound relationship or maybe she did move on. If she is not calling or texting you anymore, it is time for you to move on also.

How can you get a boy you like when he has a girlfriend?

you should become good friends first then when he brekas up with his girlfriend (teenage realationships dont last forever u no) then when he is on the rebound you will be first pick

Faults that are experiencing no active creep may be considered safe?

They are not considered safe b/c of Reids Elastic Rebound Theory.

What is billiards rebound?

The term "rebound" is not a billiards term. However, a ball "bouncing" off a rail might be termed rebound to someone that is not a billiards player. The action off a rail is complex and the simple term used is "bank". The bank shot changes the balls direction, momentum, and rotational momentum so cannot be considered a simple rebound.

Can a player rebound his own air ball shot attempt?

No, they can't. They can hit the backboard or the rim and rebound it, but if the shot does not hit either of them, then it is considered a travel, or as others call it, a "self pass."

If you dated a guy for two yrs and then he returns to his ex-girlfriend were you are rebound?

Rebounds don't generally last for that length of time.

Rebound relationships do they work?

sometimes and sometimes not people who rebond to early may not actually like you but use you to make the other person jealous

How do you avoid rebound relationships?

That depends on whether you're on the rebound and trying to avoid new relationships, or you don't want to be a rebound relationship. If you've recently broken up with someone and want to avoid jumping into another relationship you need to remember to stay strong and understand that you need time and space to heal. Yes, having someone there right away may feel good and right, but that could be because you're used to having someone there all the time. Just relax and take your time when looking for/ entering a new relationship. If you don't want to be a rebound relationship, and someone who is on the rebound is interested in you, you should make it clear to them that you don't want to be a rebound, and that if you want a relationship with them, then you should wait a little bit to make sure this is what both people want. Don't rush into things. Take our time.

Why do your ex boyfriend girlfriend keep talking about you?

cuz shes a hater nd knows that since u dumped him shes the rebound

What are the release dates for Bethenny - 2012 Toni Braxton Charlamagne and NFL Player Steve Weatherford Debate Can Rebound Relationships Last Bethanny in Your Business 2-107?

Bethenny - 2012 Toni Braxton Charlamagne and NFL Player Steve Weatherford Debate Can Rebound Relationships Last Bethanny in Your Business 2-107 was released on: USA: 19 February 2014

Why did a man dump you for his ex if the chemistry between you was great?

From your perspective, the chemistry may have felt great, but your ex apparently didn't feel the same way. This is especially true if you started dating him soon after he and his former girlfriend broke up. Rebound relationships are often influenced by the previous relationships both people were in. It feels lousy when you get dumped, but would you want him back? You now have the opportunity to meet more worthwhile guys.

Am I a rebound or no?

well what make you think you were a rebound?

When was The Rebound created?

The Rebound was created in 2009.

What is the percentage of rebound relationships working?

well, rebound relationship have a 15% out of 100% working because you might really like the new person your with but your going to spend most of your time thinking about the other old he/she which might cause some trouble for ms./mr. new new.

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