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only if there sick with wet tail or other dezises if yours is old and sick chances are that it will suffer painfuly if your hamster is sick and old the best thing to do is take it to the vet and it will be painlessly put to sleep.


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How old do hamsters need to be before they begin to breed?

The hamsters need to be 10 weeks old

How old do dwarf hamsters have to be to be held?

Hamsters leave their mothers at 2 weeks old. After this it is o.k to hold them.

When do baby hamsters gain their sight?

Baby hamsters gain their site/ visibility when they are a week old

Can hamsters suffer from miscarriage?

Any animal that gives live birth is capable of having a miscarriage.

How old do hamsters start their period?

hamsters don't get periods?

After hamsters are born how old should they be before giving them away?

hamsters should be at least 5 weeks old, never earlier

When the hamsters grow their fur should they be taken from there mother?

No. Hamsters should have soft furry coats at two weeks old. Hamsters are not ready to leave their mother until they are three weeks old.

How old does the mother hamsters have to be to have babies?

5 weeks old.

How old are baby hamsters when you sepperate them?

5 weeks old

How old do golden hamsters get?

They live to be 15 years old.

Is it ok to put 28day old Dwaf hamsters in with adult dwaf hamsters?

no u cant

When can the baby hamsters be sold?

Baby hamsters can be sold once they are at least 4 weeks old.

How old are baby hamsters when color starts to appear on them?

Baby hamsters are normally around two weeks old, but sometimes devlopment can be different. (:

How old do hamsters need to be to reproduce?

From information that I have received before, hamsters can reproduce at 5 to 7 weeks old so you would need to separate the male and female if you do not want any baby hamsters.

Do dwarf hamsters suffer from anxiety My one hamster escaped from her cage and I can't find her anywhere I have another one and she seems upset now that she is alone Is this possible?

yes hamsters do have feelings. they suffer from anxiety when they have lost a loved one or someone close to them. just like human beings. i hope this helps

How old are hamsters when they die?

most hamsters live 2-3 years, but dwarf hamsters only live about a year1 to 2 years

Is inbreeding hamsters twice safe?

I would say try to avoid it, as it could cause the hamster to suffer from severe retardation.

What can hamsters chew on safely?

We have never had a problem with hamsters chewing on old toilet paper rolls try that

What do old hamster look like?

old hamsters just look like crippled hamsters which look grumpy (they r not really) and like "who r u"

When do hamsters mate?

hamsters can mate at 6 weeks after birth but they shouldn't until they are at least they are 3 months old.

How do dwarf hamsters get diseases?

* from other hamsters * from humans around them * or from bacteria from dirty bedding, old food, etc

At what age do baby hamsters stop drinking milk?

Baby hamsters leave their mother at three weeks old.

What age does hamsters die?

hamsters can only live for three years so they die when they are 3 years old

How old does baby hamsters have to be to get split up?

3 or 4 weeks old

How old hamster breed?

hamsters breed at 4-6 months old

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