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yes they do

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Do anteaters eat birds or hawks?

No, anteaters do not eat birds or hawks. They eat ants and other small insects.

Do hawks eat birds?

Yes. Hawks are predators of many other species of birds.

Does hawks eat other birds?


Do birds eat rats?

Owls and hawks (and other birds of prey) eat rats.

Do birds eat caterpillar?

Yes, birds eat caterpillar, worms, earthworms, etc. birds do not eat other birds, other big birds eat such as falcons and hawks!

Which birds eat other animals?

Hawks,Vultures,and Eagles

What animals would eat a hawk?

Animals that eat hawks are eagles or other hawks. Hawks are at the top of the food chain and eat animals such as rodents and smaller birds.

Do birds eat other birds?

Birds Eat BirdsSome birds like hawks, vultures, falcons, eagles, owls, and crows eat other birds. Some of these actually catch their prey, others are scavengers that eat dead birds.

What kind of consumers are hawks?

Well, hawks are carnivores so they eat meat - mostly other birds.

What do hawks kill?

Hawks kill and eat rodents, fish, other birds, snakes and sometimes insects.

What birds eat a crow?

Cooper's hawk and some other hawks.

Do sea hawks eat other birds?

Yes , they are predatory. Raptors.

Do hawks eat blue birds?

Yes, plenty of hawks will eat blue birds, such as goshawks, sparrowhawks, etc

What birds eat other birds?

Hawks, falcons, magpies, owls, chuck-wills-widow (occasionally)...mostly the larger birds such hawks, falcons and owls (aka raptors).

Do birds play with hawks?

no hawks eat the birds eggs and all so they are e=nimies.

Do birds attack birds?

Yes, for example hawks, falcons, and other birds of prey often eat small birds such as sparrows and pigeons.

What fish do hawks eat?

Most hawks don't eat fish. Most hawks eat mice, voles and birds, not fish.

Are birds herbvores?

Well, not all birds are herbivore like a vulture, vultures eat dead things hawks eat other birds so no not ALL birds are herbivores

What birds eat turtles?


What does hawks eat in the winter?

they eat small birds

Do birds eat cats?

No, birds do not eat cats.

Do Hawks Eat Road Runners?

Hawks will eat roadrunners if they are dead but will not generally go after them if they are alive. Hawks eat birds, rodents, and mammals.

How often do hawks eat?

Hawks and other birds of prey spend most of their waking hours hunting and eating. They eat several times per day.

What animal eat snakes?

Birds for example...hawks, falcons, and etc<, and other snakes!!!

What eat snake?

Hawks, Eagles, other birds of prey, and large cats, such as a lynx.

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